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Skillshare Breakfast: How to balance mental saboteurs in times of crisis

Every day we are challenged by up to 10 mental saboteurs. I am e.g. a strong stickler, a restless, and a pleaser. Many of us founders and entrepreneurs are hyper-achievers, controllers, and restless on top. Do you see yourself in them too?

This is crucial to discover, as each of these mental saboteurs limits your potential for

🎯 peak performance,

🎯 peace of mind or wellbeing, and

🎯 healthy relationships.

The good news is: You can train 3 brain muscles to respond to your daily challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. So, are you tempted to get to know your mental saboteurs?

In this Skillshare Breakfast you will:

✔️ Get a simple idea of the 10 mental saboteurs and how they might impact you.

✔️ Learn about the 5 sage powers to grow your positive mindset.

✔️ Start to understand why you should train 3 brain muscles to limit your negative mindset.

✔️ Assess your mental saboteurs.

✔️ Discover your activity level being impacted by your mental saboteurs.

✔️ Design a tiny habit to limit your mental saboteurs’ impact on you and the ones surrounding you.

About our Presenter:

Eva Gruber is a Habit Coach and Mental Health Advocate. She supports entrepreneurs and managers who “have too much on their plate” to manage their time and energy better – through supportive habits and a mental fitness practice. As Eva is a founder and passionate social entrepreneur for about 8+ years, she can put herself easily into one’s shoes. Connect to Eva on LinkedIn, Instagram, or drop her an email to hi@evagruber.org. Learn more about Eva’s support on http://evagruber.org/.