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Skillshare Breakfast: Negotiating With Empathy So Everyone Wins

You might be a business owner, a freelancer, a change maker or just living your life, building good relationships. How about being the charming person in the room who makes things happen smoothly? From winning that investor to setting an appointment with your friends or cleaning that kitchen (yes we all have been there), believe it or not, we are negotiating all the time.

In each of these situations, we all can benefit from unlocking a few secrets to help us better communicate with others about what we need and maintain healthy relationships. We are all negotiators, so we may as well become better ones!

What will you learn at this Skillshare Breakfast?

➡️ A simple idea of what negotiation is, and how we all are negotiating all the time

➡️ 5 simple ideas to help your awareness in communicating

➡️ Experience the platinum rule: Treat others the way THEY would like to be treated, by understanding their interests.

➡️ How to develop habits that will make you better at managing your goals, leading effective conversations, and getting what you want

About our presenter:

Stanish is a community builder working in the area of technology. He is leading the EU project ‘Negotiate for a change’ which has the mission to empower changemakers to use tools and resources from negotiation practices to create progress with businesses and policy makers. He has spent the last years learning negotiation and facilitation from various experts and is building a community around the same. He is looking forward to connecting with entrepreneurs and anyone enthusiastic about how we can add more value together. Connect and get involved!

About Skillshare Breakfasts:

This event series is supported by aws Creative Impact.

aws Creative Impact promotes innovative new products and services that have the potential to have a positive social and industry-specific impact beyond company boundaries.

About #10SkillsFor2030:

Also in 2021 we continue introducing you hot topics and skills that will help you on your path to reach the SDG´´ S until 2030!

Based on the OECD Learning Compass 2030, we’ve identified 10 skills needed for changemakers to make the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 a reality. Each of our Skillshare Breakfasts this year will focus on one of these skills to help you create a world that works for all. Curious? Learn more here:https://www.oecd.org/education/2030-project/

Date and Time

Thu, 22 April 2021,09:0010:00 CEST