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Skillshare Breakfast: Storytelling, our modern-day bridge-builder

In this 1,5-hour session, we will cover the basics you need for better storytelling and building bridges across cultural gaps.

We tell stories every day. Whether pitching a start-up idea, recounting a funny moment, or introducing ourselves, we are constantly telling stories. How can we make the most of these and other moments? How can we tell stories that resonate, that connect? And how might stories help us to bridge cultural gaps?

In this 1,5-hour session, you will learn:

✔️ What makes a great story.

✔️ How to compose your story.

✔️ Storytelling’s role in cultural understanding.

✔️ How to use storytelling to bridge cultural gaps.

About our Presenter:

Weirong Li is the Founder of Raw Culture. Growing up as a third-culture kid, she has a strong international background and mindset. She is known for her determined and passionate spirit to connect people from all across the world and raise awareness for cultural understanding through the unique angle of storytelling, where she has created the initiative, Raw Culture. In addition to this, her passion and eagerness to connect with people are shown through her love for volunteer work. She has led and been a part of various volunteering initiatives from Romania to Senegal. Further, she is working as an Intercultural Trainer in international businesses to increase intercultural understanding and communication in our increasingly globalized world today.

Learn more about Raw Culture at https://joinrawculture.com/

Connect with Weirong via https://www.linkedin.com/in/weirongli/

Date and Time

Thu, 2 September 2021,09:0010:30 CEST


Impact Hub Vienna
Lindengasse 56 / 18-19
Wien, Wien 1070 Austria