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Skillshare Breakfast: Effective Online and Offline Communication

Skillshare Breakfast: Effective Online and Offline Communication

In times of unexpected disruptions and rising complexity, the importance of effective collaboration and therefore also effective communication has never been as crucial as it is today. Now, more than ever we find ourselves in situations of being uncertain and adopting to new ways of work.

Effective communication is the glue that helps groups navigate together in a supportive and collaborative way. The quality of our ability to receive information and share ideas empathically – or in other words, the quality of our conversations – directly translates into the impact we will have as individuals as well as groups every single day.

As part of our #10SkillsFor2030 concept, celebrating the 10th birthday of Impact Hub Vienna and looking to continue with the same energy for the next 10 years, this Skillshare Breakfast offers you knowledge to transform your communication skills into a powerful tool that supports your everyday impact.

🔸What will you learn about at this Skillshare Breakfast?🔸

In this workshop we will approach this highly powerful skill set from a facilitator’s point of view, which characterized by a highly empowering and solution-oriented mindset which can be adopted by entrepreneurs and other impact makers who are dealing with very diverse (and often challenging) groups of people on a daily basis.

In facilitation – which can be described as the art of guiding groups through dynamic processes – Effective Communication (verbal & non-verbal) represents a core toolkit for navigating people through challenging situations. It can be the make-or-break factor which can lead to de-motivating as well as uplifting dynamics within groups. And it goes fast – one word, one sentence, one question, one pause can make all the difference in how a group thinks, feels and acts.

Drawing from years of extensive facilitation experience and by looking at real-life examples we will dissect the micro-elements of our every-day communication and understand how we can use these in a more conscious ways to support our intentions. These insights will help you to empower others, create more ownership, share powerful perspectives, address sensitive topics empathically, and much more…

➡️ Approaching communication through the lens of a facilitator – a systemic view
➡️ The importance of presence and attention for powerful conversations – Why your mindset and energy matters
➡️ Effective Communication Framework (Framing, Mirroring, Triggering, Instructing) – understanding and consciously using the micro-elements of communication
➡️ Practical strategies for navigating through challenging conversations such as: dealing with opposing views, dealing with harsh criticism, disappointment, lack of commitment and/or ambition

🔸About the presenter🔸

Toni Chung is an innovation facilitator and expert in facilitation, design thinking and agile collaboration with over twelve years of experience of supporting organizational/personal development. He works with international clients from different fields (corporate, startups/SME, NGOs, public/academia, etc.) in developing innovative solutions and collaborative cultures.
Toni is especially passionate about hosting powerful gatherings and empowering others by teaching methods of facilitation. He has previously held leading roles at winnovation consulting, supporting international clients from various sectors in boosting their businesses through open innovation and facilitating several innovation policy development processes.
For more information visit: tonichung.com

About #10SkillsFor2030:

2020 is a special year for Impact Hub Vienna: It has been 10 years since Impact Hub Vienna opened its doors (celebrate with us at #10YearsIHV!) and we have 10 years left to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Based on the OECD Learning Compass 2030, we’ve identified 10 skills needed for changemakers to make the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 a reality. Each of our Skillshare Breakfasts this year will focus on one of these skills to help you create a world that works for all. Curious? Learn more here: https://www.oecd.org/education/2030-project/

Date and Time

Wed, 17 June 2020,09:3010:30 CEST