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SkillShare Breakfast : Using emotional intelligence to speed up innovation

About this event

Problem description 🤯

If you are an innovator, you are likely to encounter a lot of resistance along the way and doubt the success of your ideas and project. You are starting something ambitious and new, so you face skepticism from your team, experts, management, etc. You find yourself alone with responsibilities, risks and no guarantees.

How to remain effective in the face of total uncertainty?

What if I told you that there is an extraordinary way to reduce your risks to zero and accelerate the implementation of your ambitious project, even when the lights don’t seem to be on green?

In the workshop, you will discover how to do this by working with your emotional intelligence and subconscious behavior patterns.


Through 3 case studies, we will show you 🧐

1. How the new COO of a food plant managed to implement three large-scale innovative projects in just one year, when no one else had been able to do so in the previous three years. You’ll find out what helped her convince skeptical management, who had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in previous failures, to invest in her innovative ideas. Thanks to these projects, the factory is now able to provide humanitarian food aid in a country in the midst of military conflict.

2. How a scientist, after being confronted with the rejection of her innovative idea within a company, managed to create a startup from scratch in only one month and to raise funds for an amount of 150,000 euros.

3. How the founder of a startup managed to secure 65,000 euros in funding and a large client in one month, while developing his project under wartime conditions, despite numerous peacetime failures.


What will you learn about at this Skillshare Breakfast? 🧠

  • How your emotional state and inner conflicts influence your results in developing your business and projects
  • How to determine if inner conflicts are sabotaging your goals
  • How to ensure the success of your project and reduce the risks to zero
  • How to expand your impact by transforming your behavior and decision-making patterns

Inspiration, a new vision, and insights are guaranteed!

🚀Join our Skillshare Breakfast on June 14, 2022! 🚀


About the presenter:

Olena Markaryan is a Business Development and Rapid Personal Transformation Coach. She helps launch a new project from scratch, and speeds up revenue acquisition and scaling by working with the emotional intelligence of the project creator.

She started helping other entrepreneurs after successfully completing the innovation projects she was responsible for. She managed to promote 40 innovative and expensive products on the B2B market and increased the expected sales by 16 times, while some experts considered that the market was not ready and her country was facing crises and military conflicts.

She understands very well the problems faced by the different participants in the business process, as she herself has worked in R&D, business development, sales and marketing. She managed projects with a turnover of more than one million euros.


Learn more about Olena or contact her directly via:

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