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NGOs and social entrepreneurs are shouldering nowadays some of the most pressing issues in our society, transforming lives and delivering positive impact. What are their financial needs in order to scale up and make a
bigger impact in the future? Is the economic and political climate forcing them to consider starting some social
businesses and earn additional income? What will the social enterprise market look like in ten years?
On behalf of Erste Group Bank AG and Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG, we kindly invite you to join podium discussion:
Hear from relevant speakers and representatives of banks, politics and a social entrepreneur who will give
their view on the future of social entrepreneurship while supporting the development of the ecosystem.
• Pier Luigi GILIBERT, CEO European Investment Fund
• European Commission Representative TBC
• Tanja WEHSELY, Member of Council of Vienna and Initiator of Social City Vienna
• Walburga FRÖHLICH, Co-founder and Board Member of atempo Graz
• Andreas TREICHL, CEO Erste Group Bank AG
Moderator: Lena Gansterer, Partnerships Director in Impact Hub Vienna
When: 19.6.2018 from 9.00 to 11.00
Where: Impact Hub Vienna, Lindengasse 56, A-1070 Vienna
Erste Group Bank AG is providing access to finance to a vast range of social businesses all over CEE. Since
2010, we have financed almost 400 NGOs and social enterprises with a total loan amount of EUR 40 million. After
podium discussion, Erste Group Bank AG and The European Investment Fund (EIF) will sign the first Social
Entrepreneurship guarantee agreement covering Austria and CEE amounting EUR 50 million to empower even
more social enterprises.
Kindly confirm your attendance at Julia.Vlahovic@erstebank.at
For media inquiry contact CarmenMadalina.Staicu@erstegroup.com