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The Art of Listening and Speaking from the Heart [Member Slot]

From the beginning of human memory people have used stories and sitting in a circle as a means of sharing and passing on wisdom. The personal story is a gift of oneself to others. And each of us has many gifts to give.
The quality of our communication defines the quality of our relationships and good communication begins with true listening – to others and to ourselves: listening from the heart. From this follows speaking from the heart. When we know we are being heard, we can speak what is in our hearts, we can tell our story. From this basic intention – speaking and listening from the heart – builds trust, self-value, deep communication, connection and shared community leadership. And this is what we will create together in this member slot.
Council has been refined and developed for the past twenty- five years at the Ojai Foundation, a non-profit educational center in Southern California.  Here you can find more about Council: http://ojaifoundation.org/discover-council
– to experience the practice of Council
– to practice listening and speaking with the heart

About Anna Wohlesser

Council facilitatrice since 2010
– trainer, facilitator and adult educator since 2007
– has worked among others with Interkulturelles Zentrum, UN Alliance of Civilisations and the European Council Network
– based in Vienna,  passionate about the stories each of us carries, loves hosting circles as well as dinner parties

Date and Time

Wed, 5 February 2014,18:3020:30 CEST


Impact Hub Vienna
56 Lindengasse
Vienna, Vienna 1070 Austria


Impact Hub Vienna
+43 (0) 1 522 71 43