During a time where polarization and extremism seem to be driving a wedge deeper between different factions of our society, how can we as a community and ecosystem respond? How can we proactively shape a society that is more tolerant, inclusive, and respectful–even if we don’t necessarily always agree?
At this month’s WineDown, we’re looking at the intersections of community, marginalization, and startup innovation. But we’re doing it a bit differently than startup events you’ve been to in the past. To kick off, we’ll start by presenting a brief overview of how the bubbles we live in influence our perception of the world and how to break those bubbles to challenge our own perspectives in a constructive way. During our panel event, you’ll hear from various members of our society who have experienced (or are currently experiencing) marginalization, how it’s impacted them, what it means for our communities, and how we can learn from it to do better in the future. After the panel discussion, we’ll showcase startups and NGOs that are working to promote a future where we celebrate diversity and support all members of our society.

We warmly invite you to participate in an evening of inspiration and conversation around one of the focal topics of our generation. Please be sure to RSVP as we only have so many seats available in the event space. See you there!

18.30 – Arrival
19.00 – Program begins
20.00 – Venture fair & networking
22.00 – Closing

*A note on photography

We typically create photos at events we host. The photos are published to represent our activities on our website and in social media channels as well as possibly in print media, especially brochures, folders, etc. Further information on data protection, in particular, your right to Information, correction, deletion, etc can be found at https://vienna.impacthub.net/privacy-policy.

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Impact Hub Vienna


Date & Time

June 27 | 18:30 to 22:00


Impact Hub Vienna


Updated on 23 May 2019