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WineDown: Migration & Inclusion

More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, and many more have arrived in the years since. The obstacles these individuals face upon arrival–social, emotional, and monetary—are complex, multi-faceted and vary largely on the circumstance that took them out of their home country and brought them to the EU.
In this month’s WineDown we’ll meet founders who are working on new business ideas and technologies that help refugees and migrants find employment opportunities, receive emotional support, and build a community in their new home. Join our community gathering for an evening of connection and conversation around the topic of migration and inclusion.

What to expect:

18:30 – 19:30 – Networking with the community & ventures stands
19:30 – 20:00 – Introduction to the month’s topic area
20:30 – 21:45 – Resume networking with the community & venture stands

Many of this month’s participants are also participants in our found! accelerator program

Venture Participants:

More Than One Perspective
MTOP’s mission is to make refugees´ potential access to the labor market, connect refugees to companies and break down negative stereotypes. MTOP offers an advanced training program that offers various workshops, training and mentoring to prepare highly qualified refugees to enter the labor market. We enable them to find work suited to their skills, knowledge, and experience. This also helps employers to find talent and increases the diversity of their staff. More than 20 companies already profit from MTOP talents. – not confirmed yet
Welcome to Topfreisen – a social-culinary journey! Providing jobs is the key factor for integration into society. Topfreisen is based on the idea, that food connects people, therefore refugees are cooking food from their home countries as catering for local people. Our “Topfreisen Academy” is a training course for refugees in gastronomy which aims to give them an easier and sustainable access to the labor market in Austria. Discover delicious new worlds of taste with us and be inspired by our cuisine from far away countries!
The Kattunfabrik – the CutureLab
The Kattunfabrik – the CutureLab helps to integrate fled tailors into the employment market and develops the regional working places of the future. We provide a content-wise analysis on the topic of future of the textile industry and we are prepared to master this challenge. We as NGO offer a practical and theoretical tutorship to be fit for the textile job market in Austria. – not confirmed yet
Habibi & Hawara
Habibi & Hawara is an entirely private and independent incubator for future entrepreneurs, also a social training and integration project for refugees and migrants to equip them with an entrepreneurial toolkit to open their own ventures. Additional Habibi & Hawara branches shall be opened in near future. Habibi & Hawara offers secure and fairly paid jobs, training programs and an appreciative working environment. Habibi & Hawara is known for discourse and dialog but above all for an Austrian Oriental restaurant in the center of Vienna, which serves delicious food, charming, professional and friendly service, comfortable furniture as well as an interesting, relevant and often amusing cultural program.
AFYA – Project
AFYA – Project “Teaching Recovery Techniques” provides evidence-based, low threshold support for traumatized refugee children and adolescents in Vienna. In a series of workshops, they learn to gain control over posttraumatic stress reactions.
Reflect is an activist clothing brand. Launched in April 2017, reflect embraces a unique and sustainable design method which each season focuses on a distinct disadvantaged, invisible community. Through the communicative power of fashion, reflect makes the invisible, visible.
The association „Conclusio“ (=Latin for conclusion) was founded with the aim to promote mutual support between Austrians and asylum seekers as well as better integration and inclusion of the latter ones. An essential aspect of “Conclusio” is empowerment. Instead of just receiving help, the asylum seekers give help and can, therefore, give back part of the help received to the local population. *Winner of the Sozial Marie 2016 – Prize for social inclusion and Winner of the Lions Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2015.
KulturenReich is a social enterprise that links foreign-born women in Vienna with the Viennese business community and government. We act as a catalyst in the integration process, also helping to give Viennese businesses a competitive edge with the injection of new ideas and perspectives.
Our goals:
1. Empower foreign-born women to be financially independent, professionally successful and contributing members of the community.
2. Support companies to reach their diversity goals, enhancing their intercultural skills and their competitiveness at the local, regional and international levels.
3. Support government by helping to facilitate the integration of immigrants and foreign women in Vienna.
CARamel is a social business actively supporting the integration of refugees into the Austrian labor market by offering a sustainable and innovative way of car-cleaning: a thorough wash and wax service, both inside and outside, wherever customers’ vehicles are parked (e.g. garages of offices, hotels, e-charging stations). The majority of our team of professional valet cleaners are refugees; the process is water-free and we travel CO2 neutral. CARamel is good for the soul and our planet.

Date and Time

Thu, 24 May 2018,18:3022:00 CEST


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