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Skillshare Breakfast

Skillshare Breakfast

At Skillshare Breakfasts, we bring together various members of the Impact Hub Vienna network to share their knowledge with each other. We’ve covered topics ranging from the latest in Marketing strategies to capturing great video content with your cell phone to goal setting.

It is a space to learn new skills, meet fellow members, and enjoy a light breakfast. Check out the upcoming Skillshare Breakfasts below!

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  1. Tuesday 20 Aug 2019

    Skillshare Breakfast: Building A Killer Business Without Killing Yourself

    Entrepreneurship, whether freelancing or running a small, medium or large organization, is challenging, not only mentally but often physically and emotionally, demanding that we ride the knife edge between maximum output and complete exhaustion. We want to be killing it but often times we are also killing ourselves! Every entrepreneur experiences this, yet we don’t often talk about it or even take the time to realize it is happening to us until we hit the wall, get sick or worse…

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  2. Wednesday 17 Jun 2020

    Skillshare Breakfast: Effective Online and Offline Communication

    In times of unexpected disruptions and rising complexity, the importance of effective collaboration and therefore also effective communication has never been as crucial as it is today. Now, more than ever we find ourselves in situations of being uncertain and adopting to new ways of work. Effective communication is the glue that helps groups navigate together in a supportive and collaborative way. The quality of our ability to receive information and share ideas empathically – or in other words, the…

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  3. Thursday 27 Aug 2020

    Skillshare Breakfast: Design Thinking and Scenario Planning for Businesses

    Design Thinking and Scenario Planning as a Compass for Innovation About this Event The time has come to meet for a coffee and some brain thoughts again in person. We are happy to invite you again to our wonderful Impact Hub Vienna for a Skillshare breakfast. This session will be possible to join live as well as online. So hurry up to sign up for limited amount of tickets or enjoy it from behind of your computer. Together we will…

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  4. Wednesday 23 Sep 2020

    Skillshare Breakfast: How to Train People Online

    E-learning isn’t the future. It’s happening now. And it’s here to stay. During this Skillshare Breakfast event, you’ll learn how to move your offline training online. We’ll talk about how you can come up with training ideas as well as how to structure them. If you’ve been wondering how to start with online training and how to make it more engaging, this is the right webinar for you. After this session, you’ll know the 5 most important steps to start…

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  5. Wednesday 07 Oct 2020

    Skillshare Breakfast: Overcoming Biases – Living Diversity and Inclusion

    How to deal with and overcome your biases in order to live in an equal world. We all are biased, this is how our brain works. In order to live in an equal world we need to know our biases, deal with them and overcome them. The Skillshare Breakfast aims to give you an overview of the status quo on cultural and gender diversity and biases. Together we will discuss strategies on how to overcome your own biases in your…

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  6. Thursday 28 Jan 2021

    Skillshare Breakfast: NLP4Good – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

    In this session you will learn what NLP is and show how we can use it to overcome limiting beliefs that keep us from stepping into our potential. Especially in times of crisis, insecure conditions and change this is a really helpful skill to have. Apart from being super practical, this skill, if applied regularly, will give you an incredible amount of freedom and openness for synchronicities and magic in your life. The workshop will be partly theoretical and partly…

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  7. Wednesday 24 Feb 2021

    Skillshare Breakfast: Simple Time Management That Really Works

    As a business owner or developer you have many demands on your time. Managing it can be a challenge that leaves you feeling chaotic and out-of-control. The Covid-19 pandemic has blurred the boundaries of work even further. 🔥 What will you learn about at this Skillshare Breakfast? ➡️ Plan your day using simple methods that you can stick to ➡️ Discover how you can manage your time in a way that empowers you ➡️ Develop good habits that’ll start you…

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  8. Thursday 22 Apr 2021

    Skillshare Breakfast: Negotiating With Empathy So Everyone Wins

    You might be a business owner, a freelancer, a change maker or just living your life, building good relationships. How about being the charming person in the room who makes things happen smoothly? From winning that investor to setting an appointment with your friends or cleaning that kitchen (yes we all have been there), believe it or not, we are negotiating all the time. In each of these situations, we all can benefit from unlocking a few secrets to help…

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  9. Wednesday 02 Jun 2021

    Skillshare Breakfast: Impact Measurement – Where Do I Begin?

    So your fancy social business idea SOUNDS great, but are you actually helping anyone? Whether its sceptical friends, curious investors, or that little voice in your head, this is probably not the first time you’ve encountered this question. Now’s the time to start answering it, and who best to support us than Peter Vandor, Senior Researcher and Co-founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Center at WU Vienna and the mastermind behind the Impact Hub Global Member Survey. 🔥 What will you…

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  10. Tuesday 06 Jul 2021

    Skillshare Breakfast: How to balance mental saboteurs in times of crisis

    Every day we are challenged by up to 10 mental saboteurs. I am e.g. a strong stickler, a restless, and a pleaser. Many of us founders and entrepreneurs are hyper-achievers, controllers, and restless on top. Do you see yourself in them too? This is crucial to discover, as each of these mental saboteurs limits your potential for 🎯 peak performance, 🎯 peace of mind or wellbeing, and 🎯 healthy relationships. The good news is: You can train 3 brain muscles…

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  11. Thursday 02 Sep 2021

    Skillshare Breakfast: Storytelling, our modern-day bridge-builder

    In this 1,5-hour session, we will cover the basics you need for better storytelling and building bridges across cultural gaps. We tell stories every day. Whether pitching a start-up idea, recounting a funny moment, or introducing ourselves, we are constantly telling stories. How can we make the most of these and other moments? How can we tell stories that resonate, that connect? And how might stories help us to bridge cultural gaps? In this 1,5-hour session, you will learn: ✔️…

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  12. Wednesday 13 Oct 2021

    Skillshare Breakfast: Honest Leadership for Sustainable Transformation

    About this event This event will take place in Hybrid format. Live guests are invited to Impact Hub Vienna, Lindengasse 56 in Vienna. Virtual guests are invited to join via: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88692726340?pwd=bStvS1JYTnZPajBnVG94NzdFZDdaQT09 About the Workshop In most startups & organizations nearly every one of us has a second job no one is paying us for: covering our weaknesses, trying to look good, managing other people’s impressions, and avoiding conflict. The ultimate cost: neither the organization nor its people are able to…

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