The Skills Program

Edition Equal Opportunity

before March 4th, 2024

"Talent is evenly distributed. Opportunity is not."

Hidden Potential by Adam Grant

Are you actively engaged in integration or want to support people to get access to employment and education? 

Do you want to grow your impact?

Do you want to make the world more just, more social, more even?

This is the place for you!

In its third edition, the skills program FABB will focus on the social issue of equal opportunity in Austria. 

Karin Granner and Impact Hub Vienna created a skills program for innovative initiatives focusing on equal opportunity in integration, access to employment and education. 

Who are we looking for?

Selection criteria

- Innovative initiatives and ventures;
- Active in the fields of integration or access to employment and education;
- With a long-term commitment to improve equal opportunity in Austria.
- A team of minimum 2 people;
- Based in Austria;
- With proficient English-language skills


Access to Employment


What we offer

FABB.SOCIAL is a skills program designed for our specific participants. Together with our experts you will analyze your impact and discover new ways to build a financially sustainable venture. Our program consists of a kick off event, on site workshops, one-on-one sessions with experts and a closing networking event.

Impact Analysis

We will look into your impact and analyze it. Do you treat the symptom or the cause? How do you increase your impact?

Financial Strategy

Together with your peers, you will work with the business model canvas to develop a long-term strategy for your initiative.


You will learn how to tell your story to sell your initiative - to partners or to clients, whatever your business model asks for.


In its third year, FABB will focus on equal opportunity in Austria. We want to build a skills program and start a network for innovative initiatives that focus on equal opportunity in integration, access to employment and education. Timeline


Karin Granner

Karin Granner is a philanthropist and a numbers person. She believes in the power of Impact Hub’s skills programs. Over the last decades, she has supported numerous social and creative initiatives in Vienna, California, Sri Lanka, and Cape Town.

Impact Hub Vienna

At Impact Hub Vienna, our mission is to connect, enable, and inspire businesses that innovate with heart, balancing social responsibility with profitability to build a world that works for all.

Join the program and grow your
initiative’s impact!

before March 4th, 2024


Austrian Ventures with:

  • an innovative approach to increase equal opportunity in the fields of education, integration, access to employment;
  • minimum 2 team members and a proven track record.

The 4th of March, 12:00 noon (CET), but we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible as we have limited spots for the skills program.

We will start with a pre-selection kick-off event in March (for details see timeline) where we will start with looking at what you do and how you could possibly develop a long term strategy for your initiative. Out of these participants we will select 10 ventures who will then be part of the rest of the program.

The selected 10 ventures will meet for 2 separate workshops at the impact hub in vienna. The focus of these workshops will be peer to peer learning, analysing your impact, telling your story and developing a long term strategy for your venture.

Throughout the whole program you will have access to a select number of experts to support you. For the networking event at the end of the program we will work on your presentation skills.

You will present your venture and have the opportunity to network with companies and individuals that are socially engaged and want to support equal opportunity in Austria.

  1. Fill out and submit the application form: ca. 20 minutes
  2. If invited to the Kick-off event: March 15, 2024 – full day (at Impact Hub Vienna)
  3. If selected to the program (2x in-person workshops in Vienna, 1 webinar & in-person Final Event in Vienna):
  • Kick-off workshop: March 15, 2024 – full day (at Impact Hub Vienna)
  • Workshop #1: April 11-12, 2024 – 2 half days (at Impact Hub Vienna)
  • Workshop #2: May 16-17, 2024 – 2 half days (at Impact Hub Vienna)
  • Webinar: June 10, 2024 – half day (online)
  • Demo and Final Event: June 20, 2024 – full day (in Vienna)’s workshops will be conducted mainly in English. However, depending on the expert/coach, written and verbal inputs from the participants may be given in German or English, depending on what is feasible and makes the most sense for each team.

Yes, each participating venture will receive a “Share” membership for four months, including coworking, room rental discount, global passport for 100+ Impact Hubs – see details.