Your Roadmap to Impact.

The Founder’s Pass is our new special membership for founders and co-founders committed to establishing an impact-first business and actively fostering positive change in society. The Founder’s Pass provides access to experts, tools and a dedicated community to strengthen your roadmap to Impact.

Early bird offer

Apply by February 15th (23:59 CET) to get a Founder’s Pass and a ticket to Impact Days 2024 for just 1€ per day!

365€ per year*

*excl. VAT and yearly billed

(after Jan 31: 50€/month – excl. VAT and monthly billed)

What does being part of Founder’s Pass community look like?

Founder’s Pass provides access to a community of like-minded people who share their passion for impact-driven entrepreneurship.
Gain exclusive insights and learn from others’ experiences in every masterclass, mastermind, and gathering.

Here are some of our masterclasses lined up for 2024:

Frequently Asked Questions

We are building an exclusive community committed to impactful entrepreneurship

We’re looking for founders and co-founders committed to establishing an impact-first business and actively fostering positive change in society.

Please complete the application form. Our team will evaluate it and contact you with the results in 10 working days.

The Founder’s Pass is a special membership open to founders and co-founders of purpose-driven start-ups and ventures. 

You helm an organization or company dedicated to addressing impactful challenges, like social issues or climate change.

Your venture is not at its initial stage, having garnered considerable traction, and you’re ready to step into your journey to impact!

Founder’s Pass events are going to start officially on the 15th of January

So hurry up! Apply now!

For the Founder’s Pass we are looking for founders and co-founders working in these fields of Impact:

  • Climate Neutrality (Energy, Mobility, Construction):
    Contributing with your business to reducing greenhouse gas emissions;

  • Circularity:
    Contributing to shifting from a linear economy to a circular economy, by reducing resource materials by implementing new business models based on the 10Rs (refuse, reduce, rethink, reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose, recycle, recover);


  • Healthcare:
    Ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all individuals, promoting well-being and preventing illnesses;


  • Food Systems:
    Ensuring sustainable and equitable access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food for all;


  • Education & Youth:
    Providing inclusive and quality education opportunities, empowering young people for personal and societal development;


  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion:
    Fostering an environment where all individuals have equal opportunities, rights, and representation;


  • Biodiversity:
    Protecting and conserving the variety of life on Earth, including ecosystems, species, and genetic diversity;


  • Peace & Democracy:
    Fostering a culture of peace, justice, and strong democratic institutions for the betterment of society;


  • Culture & Creativity:
    Celebrating cultural diversity, supporting creative industries, and preserving heritage for societal enrichment;

  • Cities & Communities:
    Creating inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable urban environments that cater to the needs of all residents;


  • Social Innovation:
    Encouraging creative and innovative solutions to address societal challenges and improve well-being.

Apply! We will find the most fitting solution for you together!

The Founder’s Pass is a non-space based membership, meaning that your
membership does not include co-working time. 

You can always top-up your Founder’s Pass membership with one of our different co-working options. However, you are welcome to rent with a discount our meeting rooms and to come to all community-wide events as you are part of the community.

Yes you can! You are always welcome to join the Founder’s Pass community for 50€ per month. 

However, we warmly invite you to apply before February 15th so that you will be eligible for the special early bird offer and the Impact Days Ticket.

If you are already a member you can top up your membership with the Founder’s Pass to unlock this exclusive community and your Impact Days ticket.

Do you have more questions?

Send an email to:

Elena Rodriguez Blanco

If you act, we act.

Impact cannot happen in isolation.
The Founder’s Pass is our initiative to generate more impact together.