What is an Impact HubClub?

An Impact HubClub is a committed, member driven, sub-community built around a common area of impact, intent, collaboration and practice.

It aims to support members:
  • Initiate and foster collaborative actions around relevant impact fields.
  • Provide a supportive and positive peer-to-peer learning experience in which members are empowered to share, develop and advance in their field of expertise/interest.
  • Become an important voice for the field attracting resources, people and organizations for collective impact.

Impact Hub Vienna HubClubs


Social Entrepreneurship offers one way of addressing the needs of a globalised world, in order to solve societal or ecological issues. The Development HubClub offers a platform to engage, discuss and promote solutions for these challenges and share experiences of Social Entrepreneurs engaging in developing and emerging countries.

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A quarterly event and is meant to bring together like-minded people that are passionate about finding solutions to the migration and integration sector while networking, sharing and creating synergies. In order to keep a focused outline of the Migration HubClub, there will be experts and special topics outlined in the kick off meet up so as to most profit from our time together during all meetings.

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Zero Waste Austria

“I’d like to say that Zero Waste Austria is the perfect place for meeting people, being aware of what’s happening in the fight against Food Waste in Vienna, and expand our opportunities to build new ideas.” says Franck Wallet. He puts perfectly in words why Zero Waste Austria was started.

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Responsive Org

The Responsive Org Hub Club is a physical exchange platform to bring people together that feel inspired to creating a fundamental shift in the way we work and organize in the 21st Century – for-purpose, rather than for-profit.

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