Social Innovation for global challenges – Social Entrepreneurs for development cooperation

The challenges which present itself to development cooperation are manifold. In order to reduce poverty whole-of-society approaches, cooperation and innovation are necessary.
Development requires impactful solutions – but what do they look like? Social Entrepreneurship offers one way of addressing the needs of a globalized world, in order to solve societal or ecological issues.
The Development HubClub offers a platform to engage, discuss and promote solutions for these challenges and share experiences of Social Entrepreneurs engaging in developing and emerging countries.

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) come into effect to achieve 17 interconnected goals by 2030. If we want to achieve these Goals, then all of us need to contribute to sustainable, lasting and pro-poor development in an increasingly-globalized and interrelated world. It is not only governments, but also civil society and corporations who can contribute to making the world a better place. And not one, but all of us, can provide positive change for the challenges we are facing today. Social Entrepreneurship subscribe themselves to three things - Impact, Innovation and sustainability:
  • They implement new, innovative business models;
  • They provide solutions with have a positive societal or ecological impact; and
  • They foster their business model with a revenue stream that allows them to have that impact.
Development cooperation shares these values: it aims to help those in need in poor regions of the world to lead a more self-determined, independent life. The Austrian Development Agency – the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation, aims to reduce poverty, foster peace and security, and protect the environment. In combination, Social Entrepreneurship and Development Cooperation have a lot in common, by trying to make the world a better, safer and healthier place. Social Entrepreneurs can bring their expertise to the table, by providing solutions to access to clean drinking water, affordable health care, inclusive participatory democratic processes or energy solutions for off-grid households, while development cooperation provides expertise for sustainable and inclusive impact on the ground. The Development HubClub aims to bring together Social Entrepreneurs who engage in developing countries and emerging markets with their innovations and provide a platform of exchange, common culture and like-minded thinkers. To further engage development agencies, experts and institutions with private sector-initiatives with impact, the HubClub creates a community of learning on finding the right the business model for volatile contexts, measuring impact, but also how to engage with local, culturally-different partners. Because only together we can reach the ambitious Global Goals by 2030.