Zero Waste Austria Hub Club - Not being alone makes everything possible!


“I'd like to say that Zero Waste Austria is the perfect place for meeting people, being aware of what's happening in the fight against Food Waste in Vienna, and expand our opportunities to build new ideas.” says Franck Wallet. He puts perfectly in words why Zero Waste Austria was started.

Franck moved to Vienna just about the time the of the very first Zero Waste Austria Hub Club in June 2015.

“I must say I'm quite a lucky guy. I arrived in Vienna last June, with the idea in mind starting a project about reducing food waste. As a great coincidence, it was at the very same time the Zero Waste Austria community started. So I went, as a brand new Viennese, to this brand new meeting, which allowed me to meet people sharing the same interest in Zero Waste.”

Not a one time thing

Zero Waste Austria Hub Clubs meets quarterly. It is hosted by Helene Pattermann to bring together like minded people that love the air of entrepreneurship and care about Zero Waste - food waste, upcycling and circular economy in particular- meet, exchange and create.

Franck gave a talk about "the sources of food waste" for the next Zero Waste Austria Hub Club in September.

“Preparing for this speech was a great step for me, in the way it led me to boost my researches and my understanding of this phenomenon much faster than I had been staying alone.”

The main driver for Zero Waste Austria is to bring people together for impact in the Zero Waste Movement in Austria. Franck points it out:

“I had the chance to meet people from Foodsharing at the Zero Waste Austria Hub Club, which changed a lot for me. It was the starting point of my involvement in this organization, leading to the current building of a Zero Waste French Toast project in collaboration with some of their members.”

Previous Zero Waste Austria HubClubs

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