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Impact Hub Experts are professionals from within Impact Hub Vienna community that offer their expertise on core areas essential for start-up development, in an easily accessible and affordable way.

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Find the best advisor for your needs by filtering based on the specialties listed below, then click on an advisor to learn more and book a session. If you are unsure of which advisor to connect with first, we recommend emailing to Ioana Constantin and ask for support in matching you with the right expert.

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Do you want to work with passionate young social entrepreneurs? You are excited to support founders with your knowledge, experience and expertise to put their ideas into practice and develop their social ventures further? Submit your application here.

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Alexander Lanegger

Alex is a former professional athlete (Basketball), co-founder of a non-profit venture and international business manag…

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Alexandre Pedrotti

After his degree in Media Communications, Alexandre worked at the United Nations and as a sells representative in several cou…

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Alfons Bauernfeind

Alfons Bauernfeind is sociologist and co-founder of the Institute for Participatory Social Research. He is expert in Social I…

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Andro Koutsoudis

With more than 12 years of experience in technology across different industries, Andro’s specialization is on innovativ…

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Anna Malleier-Obermair

I am a self-employed business consultant for family enterprises and start-up entrepreneurs. Both rise to managerial and indi…

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Asetila Köstinger

Asetila Köstinger is serial entrepreneur and a positive, energetic and multi-passionate consultant and ambitious creative tr…

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Barbara Hackner

Barbara Hackner

Business success can be done easily, if you know your customers and how to use your restricted resources and potentials. With…

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Barbara Hoelzl

After graduating at WU Wien (Economics and Law) she started her career as an associate in a middle-sized tax and auditing com…

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Barbara Kump_Dez2017 - small_sw

Barbara Kump

Barbara Kump holds a PhD in Psychology from Graz University of Technology Currently, she is Assistant Professor at the Instit…

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Barbara Pia

Barbara Pia Hartl

Studied tourism & leisure time Management, master studies regional development DUK, training at Austrian Speaker Acade…

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Benjamin Florian Vlasich

Ben is tax advisor and general manager of a tax law company in the 1st district. Since 2015 Ben supports Hubbers at the Impa…

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Christina Forster

Christina believes that every venture has a story to tell. And a good one, too. Her own (professional) story started in the f…

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Christof Kiefer

Christof has dedicated the last few years of his consulting career focusing on the fusion between digitization strategy and b…

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Christoph Richter

Christoph helped already at the end of the 90ies building up, the first german-speaking newspaper on the inter…

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Claudia Winkler

Claudia is an experienced, results oriented international C-level executive with an extensive track-record. She held various …

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Daniel Arroyave

Daniel has 9 years of experience in the online marketing field. He has had a strong contribution to the growth of several B2C…

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Daniel 2

Daniel Jennewein

Daniel has 15+ years of experience in supporting, developing and transforming businesses as well as organizations and teams. …

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Daniel Tran

Daniel Tran

Daniel has more than 18 years of experience in marketing and sales in several industries (e.g. advertising, healthcare, IT, m…

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Delia Dumitrescu

Delia Dumitrescu, Lead Innovation Architect at TrendWatching is a published trend and innovation expert. Born in Romania, sh…

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dominik berger

Dominik Berger

Dominik is founder of the remote digital marketing agency Attention Fox. Since 2008 he is focusing on search engine optimizat…

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Elisabeth_Porträt_1 - Kopie

Elisabeth Lehner

Elisabeth works as an independent consultant with different companies and organisations on organisational and human resource …

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Elisabeth Siencnik

During the last 20+ years Elisabeth has supported corporations, international NPOs, SMEs and start-ups with finance and proje…

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Elke Schrittesser

For more than 5 years Elke runs a consultancy that supports companies to develop new business models and to prepare HR and…

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Emanuel Jochum

Emanuel is designer, content strategist, humanist, world citizen, traveller, mountain hiker, writer and learner. He helps sma…

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Emilian Croitoru

Passionate about pursuing progress and getting things done instead of chasing perfection, Emilian supported Small and Medium …

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Eszter Fáykiss

I’m a marketing and communication expert with 15 years of professional background in the energy, IT and lifestyle sectors …

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Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 15.58.30

Fadi Haddad

I advise creative and cultural entrepreneurs in the business-to-business space on how to get new clients. The answer to “Ho…

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Felix Zabel

Felix has been managing partner of a young tech company for several years, working together working together with top-playe…

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Florian Teutsch

After his university degree in economics, Florian started his career in the field of international humanitarian aid and was r…

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Franz Hörhager

Franz spent the last 5+ years working in Private Equity in New York and London with a focus on consumer retail, transportatio…

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Georg Csarmann

As a filmmaker, writer, curator and media academic, for Georg it’s all about content and storytelling. He believes that…

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Georg Dietrich

Georg is a certified financial Expert with more than 6 years of experience in tax and financial consulting of Multinational C…

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Georg Messeritsch

Born 1973 in ViennaBAW Academy for Advertising & Marketing Munich University of Applied Science Vienna, Advertising &a…

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Georg Woschnagg

Georg is an experienced business development expert. While working 15 years in the ICT industry he was launching innovative p…

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Harald Langer

I’m an economist, researcher and lobbyist by training and experience. To date I have spent most of my career at The Economi…

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Herbert Prutky

After 25 years in the corporate banking industry, Herbert Prutky founded an advisory business that supports companies to gene…

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Itai Gruenbaum

Seasoned multilingual business development executive with former product management experience; my business acumen consists o…

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Iva Bosanac Hoblaj

Psychologist, educated in Human Resources and Transcultural Management, with 8 years’ experience in big companies Human Res…

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Jan Gartner

Jan Gartner is an urban/ spatial planner and founder of the first Austrian crowdfunding, crowdsourcing & crowdengaging p…

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Jens Köster - August 2015

Jens Köster

As a popular national and international sales and business expert with many years of leadership experience in sales and accou…

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Jose Antonio Morales

Jose Antonio Morales

For the past 20+ years Jose has been working with corporate teams, SMEs and young entrepreneurs always bringing new perspect…

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Juergen Stichenwirth

Juergen has been an executive leader in a number of international Fortune500 companies and has a widespread network and vast …

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Karin Fleck

I have had an incredible journey through the oil and energy business in the last 10 years.In this period, I successfully set …

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Karl Reiner

Karl Reiner is a self-employed consultant and associate of OAR-Regionalberatung GmbH. Karl Reiner is working as a senior cons…

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Katrin Kaiser

Katrin has focused her attention on innovation management and digitization in the last couple of years. After finishing her M…

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Linda Vasilescu

Although with significant experience in strategic consulting and corporate business environment, Linda is an entrepreneur at…

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Mandana Magharai

After Mandana studied Psychology in Vienna with the focus on Industrial Psychology, she started in a global role at SAP. Ther…

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Mario Debout

Mario is a self-taught creative director, entrepreneur and founder of the advertising agency RDB. Founded in 2013, with the a…

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Mario Pramberger

Mario’s key areas of expertise include business creation, the company formation process in Austria, business developm…

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Matteo Sambugaro

Matteo has spent almost his entire life with a luggage in his hands: he studied in Italy, Germany, Canada and the United Stat…

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Matthew Shaikh

With over 10 years professional experience Matthew is an expert in fundraising and has worked for a number of years in fundra…

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Michael Buchecker

Michael is a business coach, story director, pitch trainer and creator of the „Pimp my Pitch“ program. He helped more tha…

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Michael-K-Reiter Foto

Michael K. Reiter

Michael started his career as creative manager for a German furniture brand, located close to Mainz. After moving to Vienna, …

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Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 2.50.02 PM

Michael Lanner

At some point, every business needs some bird´s-eye view to gain siginificant insights, the ones fundamentally driving growt…

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Michael Raab

Michael Raab

Minted supports committed startups and SMEs in turning innovative ideas into groundbreaking companies, products and services.…

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Michael Weber

He is partner/shareholder and senior consultant of ÖAR-Regionalberatung GmbH and furthermore, he runs his own consultancy. H…

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Nescho Topalov

Passionate serial entrepreneur and marketing expert with 20+ years of professional experience. Supporting start-ups, SMEs and…

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Nikolaus Hutter

A director of impact investment firm Angello Capital Ltd., focused on youth unemployment in Central and Eastern Europe. Also …

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Paoola Sefair

Paoola has over 18 years experience working with global corporations like Cisco, Tech Data and L’Oreal, in various capa…

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Pascal Haider

Pascal Haider is a passionate entrepreneur, father, motivator and world traveler. He holds an MBA, worked in asset management…

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Patrick Wollner

Patrick supports the design, engineering, and management of digital products and services that interact with humans. He holds…

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PETER Dobner

Peter Dobner

I went to school and finished university in Vienna after which personal reasons took me to London where I lived for 23 years …

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PE für ImpactHub

Philipp Effenberger

Philipp gathered these skills as a former IT specialist and HR generalist for over 14 years and now trains future prospects i…

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Robert Dominovic

Robert is an experienced project manager in digital strategy, digital transformation and definition of disruptive business mo…

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Robert Leuthner

Robert Leuthner has more than 20 years of experience in the consulting of national and international companies in all fields …

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Shawn Ardaiz

Shawn has dedicated the last 8 years of his career studying, exploring and building business models of the future. He’s spe…

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Stephan Kardos

My name is Stephan and I’d love to support you to apply design principles to your complex challenge: solid problem understa…

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Ruhm_SCWP Schindhelm 2014_mi (2)

Thomas Ruhm

Thomas Ruhm is lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, Vienna. Thomas Ruhm has been working in international legal practice in…

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tom wormser

Thomas Womser

Thomas is an entrepreneurial-minded pragmatist with a major in Business Informatics as well as in Entrepreneurship & Inno…

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Tobias Göllner

Tobias is a product & service developer, design thinking native, entrepreneurship & lean innovation enthusiast, inno…

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Uniforce Consulting

uniforce consulting is Austria’s most experienced student-led consultancy based in Vienna and Klagenfurt. We are a tea…

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Vladimir Preveden

Vladimir combines experiences from working with corporates in the areas of innovation with supporting startups prototyping th…

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Wolfgang Fallmann

Wolfgang Fallmann, Co-founder and CPO Primed Group Wolfgang is a hardware product developer and serial entrepreneur. He is ed…

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Xavier Collet

During 15 years’ experience of international consulting, I have contributed to a wide range of private sector projects impr…

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Pic_Zhuldyz Ilyassova_2

Zhuldyz Ilyassova

Zhuldyz advises on all aspects of intellectual property rights. Zhuldyz worked for such companies as Deloitte, GRATA Internat…

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Expert Partners

Founded 1967 in Germany by Roland Berger has 50 offices in 34 countries, with 2,400 employees; Nearly 220 partners currently serving over 1,000 international clients; Broad spectrum of services based on 3 solid pillars: Knowledge | Technology | Capital; Global Expert Network of 500 industry specialists; More than 25 years of project work with more than 800 projects in all CEE countries; Clients include major local companies, Ministries, investors and large Western European, American, Russian, Turkish and Chinese companies; We have ~150 professionals continuously on the ground ensuring a good mix of local language skills combined with best global industry and topic expertise; Our CEE network with Vienna as a hub ensures fast access to the relevant decision makers in many of the CEE countries.
The ÖAR bases on more than thirty years of experience in local and regional development. Founded in 1983 as “Austrian Association for Endogenous Regional Development”, it has ever since shaped theoretical concepts and practical approaches in this field of expertise in Austria. Today the ÖAR is a private consulting company embodying a broad range of know-how, successfully combining our five core competencies:
  • Developing regions
  • Shaping processes
  • Providing methods
  • Fostering sustainability
  • Crossing borders