COVID-19 Solidarity Fund


Impact Hub Vienna is a community committed to a more just, resilient and sustainable future. We are bringing together innovators and institutions, activists and authorities, curious learners and committed changemakers alike – and we are all here to make a positive difference in Vienna, Austria, and the world.

We are 10 years old and more than a thousand strong; together we have celebrated great achievements and have contributed to the thriving field of social innovation in Austria. However, at this very moment, we are all facing the effects of coronavirus and the measures implemented to stop it from spreading further. And while some are on the forefront of tackling the virus and easing its effects on our lives, many in our community are currently fighting for their survival as they see their operations forced to pause, their markets freezing, and their costs remaining (almost) unchanged. With little to fall back on, yet still committed to their causes and hopeful about finding a way to withstand this crisis.

The virus poses a threat to our health, its aftermath will shake up our society and impact our economy for a long time. And especially the field of social innovation is at risk to have its progress thrown back by years, should some of its most promising and impactful actors, as well as the many still small yet beautiful initiatives, be forced to end their endeavors.

Multiple ways of support have already been pledged by the government, more is in the making. Grants, loans, guarantees… We will advocate for these financial lifelines to help especially those, who hold impact at the core of their businesses and jobs. But there is also something we can do ourselves. We won’t promise billions, we don’t expect millions – but, as a community, this is the time to look out for one another and help those who need special support the most.

For this, we are initiating our very own “Solidarity Fund” where, as a member, partner, friend, and supporter of Impact Hub Vienna, you can donate and support those within our community that most need it. Run with the support of impactory, and operated by our – new – charitable Impact Hub Vienna Association, every cent committed will be distributed to those requesting our help.

COVID-19 Solidarity Fund by Impact Hub Vienna


  1. The Solidarity Fund is an ongoing initiative: None of us knows how long the measures nor the aftermath may last and affect us, so as long as there is momentum (and donation), the Solidarity Fund will be live and operational.
  2. For every member who needs it: As a member of Impact Hub Vienna, you are eligible for this initiative. Do not be shy to ask for help. Just say who you are and why you would need it. There will be no questioning nor challenge from our side.
  3. With monthly payout: We don’t know how much it will be, but every 10th of the month, starting May, we will look at the amount received, take 60% of it, divide it by the number of requests, pay it out in equal shares, and take the other 40% forward as a first building block for the next month.
  4. Every request by a member will be accepted. Everyone will receive exactly the same amount. There will not be any selection nor assessment. We trust everyone can assess how much she/he needs it.


The Solidarity Fund donations are accepted through

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You can your request for help by using the form below. Can’t see the form? Access it directly here.


We have seen this community show up time and time again for one another. We look forward to making this another moment when we show that we are in this together.

Thank you in advance for your contribution as well as your requests. If you want to help us make this fund the best it can be or have more questions about it, please reach out to us anytime – email us directly using the contact form below, email your trusted Impact Hub Vienna contact or post in the Impact Hub Vienna members Facebook Group – we remain just a (video) chat away.

Your Impact Hub Vienna Team