Impact Hub Vienna in the Press

There's always a lot going on at Impact Hub Vienna between our programs, our ventures, and our active community. Check out some of our recent press mentions.

Press mentions

Incidentally, Make the World Better

Our Partnerships Director, Lena Gansterer, speaks with Die Presse about the development of the social impact ecosystem in Vienna and further needs for its growth in the future.

Impact Hub Vienna: Startup Center expands premises to make space for larger start-up companies 

Impact Hub Vienna, which focuses on social entrepreneurs and impact startups, is expanding its premises in the Lindengasse district of Vienna.

Impact Hub & Deloitte Future Fund are the turbo for social startups

The accelerator program found! which is run by Impact Hub Vienna & Deloitte Future Fund supports startups working towards the inclusion of refugees in the Austrian labour market and boosts them with a financial reward.

Impact Hub takes on all the fervor of ‘a movement’ as network increases

It is perhaps fitting that a city often talked about as being a pivotal location for the central European region should have as one of its most innovative and fast-expanding companies an outfit called The Impact Hub.


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