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At Impact Hub Vienna you’ll find green fashion entrepreneurs, CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategists, impact investors, web and IT specialists, clean tech start-ups, designers, healthcare and wellness professionals, social workers, students and more.


Here you will find a small sample of the exciting and motivated individuals we host, if you want a more personal approach then come along to Impact Hub Vienna and meet some inspiring Social Entrepreneurs.

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GovLabAustria is a new innovation lab for the Austrian public sector founded by the Austrian Federal Chancellery and Danube U…

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Hekktor is a project driven platform aiming to develop and push innovative projects from diverse projects. Via th…

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Agency for European Communication Projects MOSAIK realizes unconventional projects that make you feel Europe…

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VE Vision Education GmbH

Vision Education is changing the way people feel about learning by focusing on motivation as the key to success and a joyful …

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Humanizing Technologies

Humanizing Technologies is an innovative company that believes in bringing humans and technology together. …

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The ÖAR is a privately owned consulting company who works in the field of social innovation with very broad competences and …

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WisR is an online platform where companies can find experience and motivated seniors can offer their knowledge for project-ba…

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GWÖ Gemeinwohlökonomie

“The Economy for the Common Good” advocates a more ethical economic model, in which the wellbeing of people and the envir…

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World Data Lab

We aim to make data accessible and personable not just for the public sector, but also for companies seeking refined and

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Lantern is revolutionizing the delivery and efficacy of mental health services. Lantern’s establishment is the culmination …

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FragNebenan is a social network for neighbours where you can connect with people who live near by, organise mutal aid and hel…

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Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind is a hardware and software platform which makes robotics and programming accessible for kids. The kit allows…

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Iss mich!

Iss mich! prepares delicious vegetarian dishes from perfectly healthy veggies that did not meet retail standards - not due to…

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aWATTar is the 1st energy provider to offer a power tariff that is dynamic on an hourly basis:m the windier and summer, the c…

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dwarfs and Giants

Most companies were built on a predict-and-control paradigm. A model that enabled companies to thrive in the last century is …

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Three Coins

Who we are: Three Coins is an independent, award-winning organization specialized in developing educational tools and …

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Studio Dankl

Studio Dankl is a product-service design consultancy operating from Vienna. They work in areas such as food, mobility, techno…

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Smart Ninja

What is your enterprise about? SmartNinja is an IT education company. We believe that within the each of us lay hidden…

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Bank für Gemeinwohl

Our society is changing. People like you and me are working together to create a new bank. A bank which is based on ethical p…

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Shift Yard

ShiftYard is about inspiration, innovation and purpose: When people thrive on creating the future of the organizations they w…

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Maria Angerer and Alfons Bauernfeind are the founders of measury and participants of the Social Impact Start program at the I…

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The coffeehouse s’Gschropp has an integrated midwife-service. It was founded by Stefanie Winkler, Sara Eibensteiner and Tam…

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Shades Tours

Shades Tours organizes educational tours in Vienna for the local community to explain the multiple shades of homelessness and…

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Erntehilfe digitalizes the search and communication of temporary workers from whole Europe in the agricultural sector. The pr…

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Use Potential

Use potential is revolutionizing the refugee camps. Its mission is to allow all refugees registered in a camp to document and…

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Whatchado is a successful online video platform to find people, job and career that match your interests. It helps you to fin…

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Topfreisen is working in the area of international gastronomy with asylum seekers of the St Gabriel’s mission residency.…

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Magdas Hotel

Magdas Hotel is the first hotel run by refugees in Europe. It has opened its doors and 78 rooms in February 2015 in the Prate…

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Younited Cultures

In order to “celebrate migration” -its slogan-, Younited Cultures creates trendy scarves on which the story of successful…

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Talentify is a social business aiming to establish a sustainable peer-to-peer online platform that helps young people to deve…

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Flüchtlinge Wilkommen

“Why shouldn’t refugees in Austria be able to live in shared flats (or other normal housing situations) instead of mass …

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Solabolic Logo


Solabolic is the developer of the next generation of solar thermal collectors. Ahmed Adel, Engineer, invented this patented t…

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Vollpension is an intergenerational coffeehouse located in the centre of Vienna. Pensioners prepare meals and desserts served…

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