At Impact Hub Vienna, we take pride in our collaborative approach to driving positive change in the entrepreneurial landscape. We actively partner with public sector entities, corporates, civil society organisations and social entrepreneurs to drive social impact. By forging these strategic alliances, we aim to leverage the strengths and resources of diverse sectors to foster innovation, sustainable solutions, and economic growth. 

Through these dynamic partnerships, we unlock the strength of collaboration in shaping a brighter, more just and sustainable future. 

Partnering for a more just and sustainable future

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Alexander Diesenreiter

Partnership Director

Co-creating accelerator programs

By teaming up with public sector organizations, corporates, and NGOs, we design and execute customized accelerator programs that nurture and scale startups focused on impact.

These programs combine our expertise in entrepreneurship support with the resources and sector-specific knowledge of our partners, creating a robust ecosystem for impact-driven ventures to flourish.

Working on building an impact ecosystem in Vienna puts us in a unique position in the landscape to bring together multi-partner programs and projects like The Climate Lab and Future Health Lab, helping both private and public sector organizations bring alive their impact goals.

Collaborative hackathons are a dynamic way in which we foster innovation and problem-solving. Teaming up with public sector agencies, corporates, impact entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, we organize hackathons that bring together diverse talent pools.

These events generate innovative solutions to critical challenges faced by society and businesses.

Through partnerships with various organizations, we conduct innovation workshops that facilitate knowledge exchange and ideation. These workshops aim to inspire entrepreneurial thinking and foster a culture of innovation within partner entities.

By providing training and mentorship, we help participants from different sectors learn how to tackle complex problems, develop creative solutions, and drive positive change.

Our experts work closely with partners to assess their impact goals and develop strategies for achieving them.

Whether it involves enhancing sustainability practices, launching social impact initiatives, developing reports and whitepapers or aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our consulting services help organizations make meaningful contributions to society while maintaining their bottom line.

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