Alfons Bauernfeind Social Capital, Social Impact Measurement, Social Impact Reporting

Alfons Bauernfeind is sociologist and co-founder of the Institute for Participatory Social Research. He is expert in Social Impact Measurement, Social Impact Reporting and Social Capital. In the last three years, he worked on behalf of several social enterprises and enablers like the Global Impact Hub Network, Ashoka Austria, Pioneers of Change, AWS, Sociocracy Group Austria, United Creations, Caramel, Ubigo and Nut und Feder. Together with Maria Angerer he developed the application measury, a software that allows users to visualize and analyze personal networks structures of organizations and ventures. Before Alfons became self-employed, he was scientist at the Working Life Research Center (FORBA) and focused on the Creative Industries, labour market policy and working conditions. In his daily business, he is using quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods of social research.