André Freitas Transport initiatives, funding mechanisms for mobility, public transport arrangements, social inclusion, new ITS services, digitalization and connectivity, HiReach Experts

Bio: André Freitas is graduated in Sociology since 2006 and has a post-graduation in Planning and another one in Human Resources. Between 2006 and 2008 he has worked in two research centres (OBSERVA and CIES) based at the University Institute of Lisbon. Between 2008 and beginning of 2018, he worked as a planner and project assistant in Horários do Funchal, the Public Transport Operator in the city of Funchal, conducting technical work to support decision-making processes and developing skills in evaluation and management of several research and implementation projects in the frame of the European investment Bank, European Social Fund, Regional Development Funds (Intervir + and Madeira 14-20), Interreg (MAC and Europe), Intelligent Energy Europe, 7th framework program and Horizon 2020. During the period in which he worked for a public transport operator, André has been involved in analysing and supporting decision-making regarding several ITS and telematic services, such as ticketing schemes, fleet management systems, the company website and dedicated mobile applications design, including ease-of-use and perceived usefulness of user interfaces.

In May 2018 he started working for TIS as a consultant and project manager, where he currently stands, working most notably in the HiReach project, where he had the opportunity to develop extensive fieldwork activities with vulnerable to exclusion social groups living in rural and peri-urban areas and carried out operational investigation about the feasibility of new digital solutions tailored to these target group’s needs.

Areas of competence: Evaluation of transport initiatives and policy-making, funding mechanisms for mobility services, public transport arrangements and operational planning, social inclusion and accessibility, new ITS services/products, digitalization and connectivity.