Anna Kohl Communication, Marketing Strategy, Brand Identity & Story, Coaching

Anna works as an independent consultant and coach for companies ranging from start-ups to medium-sized organizations. As a business coach she accompanies entrepreneurs throughout their challenging and inspiring process in building their businesses.

She offers marketing basics up to complex strategies. A workshop or a session can offer a focus on setting up a powerful marketing strategy, analysing brand personas, developing human resources, creating sustainable brand identities and planning image campaigns.

Before and after graduating in Business Administration and International Marketing & Sales she consulted clients in developing their brands and customer range. In her years in communication & marketing agencies she also benefited from the collaboration with NPOs and NGOs.
Over the past years, Anna cooperated with Deloitte Austria as a consultant for career management, equal payment, employer branding and marketing communications. That inspiring work got her in touch with the impact hub by participating as a mentor at “found!” (Open Piano for Refugees, Shades Tours, MTOP, Bags With Legs)