Daniel Tran B2B Marketing, Business modeling, Pitch training

Daniel has more than 18 years of experience in marketing and sales in several industries (e.g. advertising, healthcare, IT, media). As a “Lean Startup Evangelist” and “Client Whisperer” Daniel’s focus is tracking and serving customers’ needs.
Moreover as a good listener he is always eager to help and support companies in setting up a solid sales structure or developing new business fields.
Daniel is convinced that closing deals is only a matter of the right moment if all needs are met.
He believes in supporting entrepreneurs by questioning the latters about evaluating and validating the market(s). So Daniel doesn’t need to judge their business model and restrict their potential. As an entrepreneur Daniel enjoys getting involved in various industries and breaking down specific goals into common and sober approaches.
His passions are networking and connecting not only people but – of course – “the dots”.
Currently he is serving clients in Austria, Germany, Switzerland as well as countries in CEE.