Jens Köster Financial planning, Negotiation, Pitch training, Sales

As a popular national and international sales and business expert with many years of leadership experience in sales and account management with international companies, Jens Köster is the specialist for the development of sales strategies and channel-specific initiatives for startups.

As a sales expert, author of several books and publications, key note speaker and startup sales coach, Jens Köster works with start-ups around the world to develop sales strategies that are implemented in innovative ways. Jens Köster has an international network of companies, retailers and NGOs.

Jens Köster lives and works in Munich, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.

As a Diplom- Kaufmann (University of Cologne and University of Barcelona), Jens Köster supports innovative startups in the development of new products. Jens Köster speaks German, English, Spanish and French.