João Bernadino Mobility, from different lenses: product management, innovation, policy, entrepreneurship, HiReach Experts

Bio: We spend a good part of our life travelling or thinking about it. The way we experience travel and how we choose to go is part of who we are and impacts the society we live in. Having graduated in Civil Engineering (transport & planning) and a masters on Economics, I’ve spent my 15-year professional life working on research, consultancy, policy, product management and finally entrepreneurship, with a common purpose: a better life experience both of the traveller and those around him.

In the last year I’ve been working on developing the “Bike Train to School” service for the Municipality of Lisbon, who want to build this mobility to school changer programme building on my experience as founder of CicloExpresso; helping Productized manage the startup accelerator on inclusive mobility that I have proposed to the EU project HiReach; designing and product managing the Woorti travel time data collection app, for the EU project MoTiV; side hustling on my Biklio startup to create an urban experience and benefits for bike users.


Areas of competence: mobility, from different lenses: product management, innovation, policy, entrepreneurship