Karin Fleck Business development, Project Management

I have had an incredible journey through the oil and energy business in the last 10 years.In this period, I successfully set up various new teams in the field of optimization of power plants and project management on a commodity trading floor.As an expert in new technologies in the energy sector, I linked and converted old structures and processes in trading to the new emerging energy topics.I frequently consulted with CEOs on market strategies and put them into action.
Working in a large energy utility company and also an evolved startup I have gained a considerable overview of the dynamics of today’s European energy landscape.

  • In depth knowledge of optimization, planning, and strategy in energy and energy trading
    Program and project management regarding Optimisation and Planning IT Landscapes
    Data Analytics and typical data management issues
    General knowledge about Austrian, German, and Dutch energy markets, UK and Scandinavian basic knowledge
    extended network
  • Expert on new technologies in Energy Sector
    demand response and virtual power plants
    e-mobility systems
    wind dispatch
    geothermal applications in energy
    smart homes
  • Design of organizational structures
    setting up functional teams
    business process optimization, analytics, and design
    budgeting teams and departments
  • Coaching and mentoring of individuals or teams
    team building