Katrin Kaiser Consultant, Roland Berger
  • Expertise

    Business modeling, Innovation management

Katrin has focused her attention on innovation management and digitization in the last couple of years. After finishing her MSc in innovation management and strategic management (SIMC) at Vienna University of Business and Economics, she has joined Roland Berger as a Consultant. Her first project was the digital transformation of a large German car manufacturer. Via an educational and inspirational program, the management was prepared for the digital era and the cultural changes that come with it. Just recently, she has finished another project where the digital roadmap for an Austrian bank was defined. The internal transformation as well as the set-up of an external innovation hub were decided and will help the bank to face future challenges.

One special topic that is attracting a lot of attention from Katrin is Design Thinking. She wrote a study in cooperation with Roland Berger and dedicated her master thesis to this topic for which she has won the Young Innovators Professional Award 2017.