Michael Lanner Branding, Business modeling, Sales

At some point, every business needs some bird´s-eye view to gain siginificant insights, the ones fundamentally driving growth. And in todays rapidly changing business environments “new old economies” need new approaches in getting these insights. Either to grow further, to pursue a new direction, to introduce new products or when facing internal or external challenges. As Practioner with 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and with an additional focus on marketing and sales, I help small and big businesses with designing strategies, identifying hands-on measures and giving concrete prototyping and execution support far beyond ppt-slides.


Together with your team, we’ll focus on identifying solutions and building prototypes for operative and strategic pain points that limit founder/employee/customer value, sales, profit and/or social impact. I am entrepreneur myself, have a hands on trial&error attitude,  and and I like deconstructing and (re)connecting the dots. In order to facilitate sustainable growth.