Peter Dobner Business modeling, Financial planning, Strategic planning

I went to school and finished university in Vienna after which personal reasons took me to London where I lived for 23 years until 2005.

Together with my wife Christina I have built our own business in London from a startup in the spare room to global niche market leader with 60+ employees. For more than 25 years I have run the business as Managing Director experiencing the whole spectrum of opportunities, challenges, wins and setbacks which come with entrepreneurial leadership. From this experience my key areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Planning/Business Modelling/Identifying Key Success Factors
  • Organisational Planning/Team Building/Team Development
  • Commercial Analysis/Financial Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

In 2015 we merged our business with another key player in the industry at the same time passing on our ownership interest. I now live in Vienna again and only work part time as Chairman of the board and FD for the merged company Chrisanne Clover Ltd. (see

For the past 13 years I have developed a growing passion for working as a coach for personal development training (The Avatar Course – see and I now spend a good amount of my time inspiring and supporting people to develop their full potential for success.