Do you have an idea to make Vienna an even better place to live? Do you want to simultaneously try to establish a sustainable (business) model and get organized?

RE:WIEN supports start-ups/ventures that develop new solutions and try to create a positive impact on society (social/environmental impact). In an intense 6 months process, RE:WIEN works with ventures to develop their ideas further, establish smart and resource-efficient processes and build strong and sustainable businesses operating on the market.

This program is currently closed for application.

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Who is it for?

Ventures, start-ups and initiatives in the prototype stage based in Vienna, that are less than 3 years old, that work on an innovative product or service with a great market potential.

Working with topics like:

  • Circular economy
  • Local value chain: promotion of local, eco-social production
  • Concepts for greening and cooling the city (avoiding heat islands)
  • Food waste, food production
  • Ecodesign

Applications open March 5th

Submit your project by April 12th, 23:59 (midnight).

How does it work?



Online application

The application phase is currently open until April 12th (23:59 - midnight).


Selection by a judging panel

A judging panel, consisting of experts in the fields of sustainability, representatives from the start-up sector, as well as the partnering organisations OekoBusiness Wien and Impact Hub Vienna, will select the most promising ideas.


Kick-off Event

The program starts with an all-day workshop on April 19th, 2018 with a kick-off event for all selected ventures.



All selected ventures are granted access to extensive accelerate support, business workshops, training and more. RE:WIEN has a value of Euro 3.000,- and is provided by OekoBusiness Wien.

The 6 months acceleration support includes:

  • Business Coaching and process guidance provided by Impact Hub Vienna.
  • Individual advice provided by experts in the field, industry experts and professionals. The expert pool is curated by OekoBusiness Wien and Impact Hub Vienna.
  • Business training and workshops covering relevant topics: basics of sustainable business, marketing, sales, finance etc. hosted at Impact Hub Vienna.
  • Participation in a learning journey and job shadowing. As a group, the ventures and companies will visit several social enterprises in Vienna, in order to get exposure to different business models in social entrepreneurship.
  • Access to various network contacts and to corporate, agency and stakeholder groups.

Additional Benefits

Participants get access to a moderated online forum, visibility through (social) media and press activities and have access to the broad networks of OekoBusiness Wien and Impact Hub. All selected participants will be presented at a final, public event and awarded by OekoBusiness Wien.



  • Application call: 4.3.2019
  • Application period: 4.3.-12.4.2019
  • Application deadline: 12.4.2019
  • Selection: 15-16.4.2019
  • Announcement: 17.-18.4.2019


  • Program kick-off: 25.4.2019
  • Learning journey:  9.5.2019
  • Workshop 1: 13-14.6.2019
  • Job shadowing:  8.7.2019
  • Workshop 2:  9.-10.7.2019
  • Workshop 3:  9.9.2019
  • Graduation Ceremony: 26.9.2019

Who is behind the program?


Enabled by

OekoBusiness Wien was launched in 1998 by the Municipal Department for Environmental Protection on behalf of the Vienna City Administration, with the purpose to help enterprises generate "green and clean" profits through ecological management practices that benefit both the environment and the enterprises, ensuring high quality and financial benefits in each company. OekoBusiness Wien offers a number of different program modules for large and small enterprises in a variety of industries.

Due to professional support, workshops and access to relevant grants the aim of OekoBusiness Wien to improve the competitive position of Viennese businesses through more efficient use of resources (making full use of innovative potentials and cost saving opportunities), sustaining employment over the medium term, could be achieved.


Hosted by

Impact Hub Vienna is Austria's largest impact innovation lab. 1600m2 of co-working space in Vienna’s 7th district offer a place for start-ups, programs, workshops and events. As part of the international Impact Hub Network members have access to a growing community of more than 15.000 members with over 100 locations on 5 continents. RE:WIEN is one of the renowned acceleration programs of Impact Hub Vienna through which impact ventures receive support from finding the right idea for a venture to securing investments and scaling their businesses globally.


NASCH Sportswear is a sports brand for everyone with a sustainable and individual offer. We design jackets, which are by changing in cut design and fabrics are compatible with three different sports. All our products can be recycled and reused - we fully live the circular economy.
Social Held is a digital platform connecting nonprofit organisations with people and businesses motivated to get socially involved.
Lenkerbande provides all kinds of bike related services beyond the service lines of regular bike shops. They fix, recycle and donate used bicycles in do-it-yourself workshops in Vienna, thus making sustainable mobility available to everyone. offers the best from the farm shops in the area. Fresh, natural, and environmentally friendly. Saves transport, storage and packaging. Avoids waste. And enables fair prices for producers and customers. Simply order online and collect your shopping around the corner.
BauKarussell provides recovery-oriented demolition with a particular focus on reuse for large-volume properties, enabling new regulations to be met. In cooperation with large Viennese property developers, reusable components are dismantled and made available for reuse. This work is carriedout by workers from social enterprises.
Hempstatic specializes in circular design of building units. They develop recyclable materials from agro-byproducts and aspire to revitalize the regional economy with their regenerative approach. Their pilot product line is dedicated to eco soundproofing systems.
RePhil revolutionizes traditional Take-Away by providing a circular system for reusable food containers. Reducing waste stemming from single-use take away boxes, while offering a convenient solution for our customers is our mission. Supplying restaurants with reusable boxes, as well as managing the logistical distribution and the washing process are part of RePhil's daily operations. Choose RePhil to dine more sustainably and track your waste reduction through our weekly reports!
Alpengummi is producing the first natural chewing gum of the Alps. While conventional chewing gums are made of petrochemicals (plastics), the gumbase of Alpengummi is made of tree resin and bees wax.
Basenbox is the first and only delivery service for alkaline and healthy nutritional programs. The meals are 100% organic and come with informational learning materials surrounding the right and healthy nutrition.
i trau mi aims for entrepreneurial empowerment for pensioners, long-term unemployed and other marginalized groups.
Umblick is empowering people to co-create a sustainable future by providing environmental education and consulting for educational institutions and companies.
BiosLehm is offering clay plaster services in Vienna using only regional and organic clay. Their materials are contributing towards a more sustainable construction industry and at the same time increase health of living.
Rex Eat offers lunches for offices in rex glasses which not only reduce waste but also make the meals last for longer.
Value is a game through which you can find sustainable offerings, places and organisations in your area in a gamified way. At the same time, you can plant real trees and contribute towards a greener future.
ERUi produce high quality organic cosmetics with a range of different products. Their special twist is that they don't use any artificial additives and the packaging for the products is 100% environment-friendly and plastic-free.      
[sic!] – students’ innovation centre is an idea and empowerment platform for ecosocial projects in Vienna, offering workshops and consulting.
Fitico Sportswear is a fair sportswear fashion label. They produce sportswear out of recycled fishernets. Fitico's clothing is developed and designed in Austria and produced under fair conditions and wages in Portugal.
Sud & Satz is recycling used coffee brew and turn it into an organic fertilizer. “Coffe2Grow - the Melange for the garden”.

March 2017

Endlos Fesch Endlos Fesch is the first fashion library in Vienna renting out unique and high quality clothing from young local designers. For a low membership fee, our members take advantage of an endless wardrobe full of sustainably sourced fashionable items, thereby pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle. We aim to create an innovative social business that extends the product lifecycle of clothes, reduces the amount of textile waste and CO2 emissions, raises awareness of slow fashion and encourages members to change unsustainable consumption patterns.
die fairmittlerei The Fairmittlerei organizes and supplies usable consumer goods (non-food), which are or can not be sold anymore, from producers and traders to nonprofit organizations (NPOs).
  • NGOs can obtain goods needed which are clearly below the normal market price.
  • Producers and traders reduce costs for storage and also decrease the destruction of goods
  • This contributes to environmental sustainability, as the senseless destruction of useable products is reduced.
KOCH DOCH! KOCH DOCH! provides fresh, tasty and nourishing vegan Hot Pots for businesses and co-working spaces. Teams profit from healthy meals in the office and get together during the lunch break. KOCH DOCH! offers a cooking lesson by preparing the dish together or delivers the ready-made pot. Stories about the ingredients, their impact, and recipes accompagny the meals. This initiative fosters sustainable conscious consumerism, and supports local farmers by using their organic and seasonal vegetables, cereals and legumes.
lobu Lobu is a local online marketplace that delivers books by bike from the nearest bookstore. Lobu centralizes local bookstores online to help them to be competitive with the big online retailers. The books are delivered on the same day by a network of bike couriers between 7pm and 9pm. The idea is not to ship products from far away but to see the city as a warehouse and create an eco friendly and fast alternative to the established online retailers.
Nut & Feder Nut & Feder combines craftsmanship and design with heart. As a social business it offers asylum seekers a meaningful activity and a chance for social participation. Asylum seekers are waiting for years until the decision whether they can stay or not will be made. This time is characterized by inactivity and boredom. Nut & Feder is a way out of this dreary everyday life.
Raumpioniere Raumpioniere is a Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing and Crowdengaging platform for urban & civic projects. Raumpioniere´s aim is it to conjoin participative urban planning and crowdfunding in order to support urban placemakers. Furthermore Raumpioniere is experimenting with new digital participation technologies to add a new approach to the fields of civic participation and urban development.
Unverschwendet Unverschwendet offers a culinary and creative solution to utilise the great potential of unutilised surplus crops and enables people to an enjoyable access to food waste prevention and a sustainable lifestyle. As a first step, we preserve surplus fruits through traditional crafts. In the long-term we want to offer various solutions to utilise as much surplus as possible.
urban gardeners urban gardeners is selling convenient boxes which include everything that one needs to grow herbs, small fruits and vegetables within their flat. These boxes contain seedlings, soil, organic fertilizer as well as a booklet with tips about the cultivation and recipes for every specific plant. We are focussing on a strong collaboration with educational institutions in order to raise the ecological awareness of pupils in urban environments.
WGE!-Gemeinsam Wohnen WGE!-Gemeinsam Wohnen establishes the model of mixed generation housing in Vienna: We arrange and supervise shared flats between elderly and young residents: The roommates thus live together, enjoy activities together and help each other out. Most important for WGE! is to foster solidarity among different generations. At the same time WGE! is counteracting the precarious housing situation for young people and acts sustainable, as we are using existing, but unused living space.
WisR WisR is a networking platform that matches job-seeking, talented elderly people to young entrepreneurs and innovative employers, in order to re-integrate them into society, share experience and close the generation gap. We are aiming to create a future-oriented and sustainable business concept where age is a competitive advantage. Imagine a world where we would not grow older, but grow wiser…

May 2016

Team: Claudia Kulhanek

Die Plattform all.we.create ermöglicht temporäre Concept Stores, welche durch unsere Creators betrieben und kuratiert werden.
Als neuer physischer Vertriebskanal können die temporären Concept Stores spezifische Anforderungen sowohl aus Sicht der Creators, als auch Bedürfnisse aus KundInnenperspektive erfüllen.
Team: Rachael Wallach

52 Millionen Menschen, die einen Rollstuhl benötigen und benutzen, haben derzeit keine Gelegenheit dabei mitzureden, wie diese Rollstühle eigentlich beschaffen sein sollen.
Wir sind eine Community von MacherInnen und Personen die Rollstühle benötigen.
Durch eine Online-Bibliothek mit open-source designs und Anleitungen für voll individuell anpassbare Rollstühle an, die jede/r gratis nutzen, anpassen und entwickeln kann, verbinden, inspirieren und befähigen Menschen, die voll individualisierte Rollstühle nutzen wollen.
We are hacking Wheelchairs!
Kur de Coeur
Team: Bastian Petz, Yvonne Kaufmann

Auf dem Gelände des Sonnenlandes in Wien Simmering, bietet Kur de Coeur einen künstlerisch gestalteten, naturnahen Kurort des Herzens. Eine Erlebnis- und Erholungsstätte, welche Mensch, Natur und Kunst in eine wohltuende unterstützende Verbindung bringt.
Kur de Coeur ist ein Ort der Ruhe und Kraft, ein Ort der Gemeinschaft, an dem sich neuer Mut bilden kann, sich für einen gesellschaftlichen Wandel Richtung Vielfalt, Integration und naturnahes ganzheitliches Bewusstsein einzusetzen, um unser aller Herzen zum Leuchten zu bringen.
Team: Perrine Schober

SHADES TOURS organisiert Vorträge, Touren und Aktivitäten zum Thema Obdachlosigkeit in Wien. In Kooperation mit den Wiener Sozialeinrichtungen werden diese hauptsächlich an Schülern (Volksschule bis Oberstufe), Erwachsenen und Unternehmen angeboten. Das besondere hierbei ist, dass unsere Dienstleistungen von Obdachlosen selbst geführt bzw. moderiert werden und ermöglichen ihnen so ein Einkommen, eine Motivation, Selbstvertrauen und Zeit den steinigen Weg aus der Obdachlosigkeit zu gehen.
Team: Ferdinand Lischka, Daniel Richter

Veloclub ist davon überzeugt, dass Radfahren einfach, attraktiv und leistbar für jedermann sein muss. Für 25€/Monat bekommen Mitglieder, eine Jahresmitgliedschaft, die ein einfaches aber schönes und funktionales Fahrrad, sowie ein exklusives Rundum-Sorglos-Paket, das einen Stellplatz für den Winter, ein Fahrradschloss, sowie ein kostenloses Reparatur-Service beinhaltet.
Visualizing sustainability
Team: Marie-Pascale Gafinen

Ich arbeite für Changemaker in allen Bereichen, die einen positiven Wandel der Gesellschaft vorantreiben. In Form von Infografiken und Illustrationen erkläre ich Ihre Forschungsergebnisse oder Ihr nachhaltiges Produkt damit ihre Zielgruppe davon erfährt.
Wind Craft
Team: Larissa Zajicek, Sandra Kriechhammer, Lukas Plöbst, Raphael Spies, Sebastian Ehrmann

Wind Craft hat sich das Ziel gesetzt erneuerbare Energie greifbarer zu machen. Dabei soll in einem mehrtägigen Workshop ein Kleinstwindrad entstehen!

March 2016

Team: Andreas Vojta; Lukas Schabus; Dominik Glatzl; Patrick Müllner; Verena

Aquaponix nutzt die Dächer von Großstädten, um frische und lokal produzierte Lebensmittel herzustellen. Mit dem Aquaponic System, einem Kreislauf aus Aquakulturen und Pflanzenzucht, reduzieren wir den Einsatz von Pestiziden, retten wertvolles Ackerland und stellen die Autarkie von Metropolen wieder her.
Gutes BÄCK
Team: Axel Schunk, Christian Fritz

Gutes BÄCK arbeitet im Bereich Lebensmittelverschwendung und will in der Gesellschaft Bewusstsein dafür schaffen, wie gut z.B. Brot vom Vortag schmeckt und dieses wertvolle Nahrungsmittel noch weiterverwendet werden kann. Es werden Backwaren vom Vortag verkauft und im Zuge dessen Bewusstseins- und Aufklärungsarbeit zum Thema Lebensmittelverschwendung betrieben. Es entstehen weitere Bausteinen, wie beispielsweise Weiterverarbeitung von Altbrot, Workshops zu verschiedenen Themen rund um Brot.
Team: Ingmar Fuhrich, Caroline Sieberer, Isabel Philipp

Bert verkauft und bewirbt, als Dachmarke für Handwerker, Möbel und Einrichtungsgegenstände, die als Kleinserien konzipiert sind. Über Herbst- und Frühjahrskampagnen zu bestimmten Themenkreisen (z.B. Sitzen) werden immer wieder neue Produkte und herstellende Einzelunternehmen vorgestellt, die dann im Sortiment des Webshops aufgenommen und weitervertrieben werden.
DmHmT (Design meets Handcraft meets Technology)
Team: Juan Sebastian Gomez

DmHmT kuratiert und designt maßgeschneiderte Möbel und Accessoires, die die Möglichkeiten der digitalen Produktion und hochwertiger Wiener Handwerkskunst vereinen. Kunden wird als pro-sumers begegnet, was bedeutet, dass die Interaktion mit diesen pro-aktiv gestaltet wird, um so maßgeschneiderte Lösungen entstehen zu lassen.
Team: Dominik Beron, Jacob Wagner, Christoph Hauer, Fatimah Almukhtar ist eine Plattform die Flüchtlinge mit ArbeitgeberInnen verbindet. Diese Plattform soll Flüchtlingen ermöglichen legale Ausbildungs- und Arbeitsplätze zu finden, die ihren Fähigkeiten und ihrer Bildung entsprechen, um ihre berufliche und soziale Integration zu fördern sowie dem Arbeitsmarkt das Potential von Flüchtlingen zu öffnen.
Team: Laura Allinger, Manuel Lackner, Anna Firla, Matthias Nocker

WORK:IN setzt sich für die Arbeitsplatzvorbereitung und -vermittlung von Menschen mit Fluchterfahrung ein. Berufsorientierungskurse, Exkursionen zu Unternehmen, Schnuppertage sowie Praktika geben einen Überblick über die Joblandschaft in Österreich.
Gemeinsam mit einem work:in-Buddy wird der Weg in die Arbeitswelt gemeinsam begangen, dieser gibt Rückhalt sowie Orientierung.
Younited Cultures
Team: Andra Slaats, Iulia Mugescu

Younited Cultures wurde als soziales Unternehmen in Wien gegründet und hat als Ziel positives Bewusstsein zu den Leistungen und Werten von Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund in Österreich zu schaffen. Das negativ besetzte Bild von MigrantInnen wird durch einen eleganten und innovativen Ansatz verändert.
Zum Glück
Team: Stefan Peters, Eva Stemberger

Unter dem Motto „Act local, act social, act responsible“, produziert Zum Glück genießbare Geschenke mit gutem Gewissen und Luxus zu erschwinglichen Preisen!
Aus lokal gezüchteten Kräutern produzieren sie spannende Kompositionen in kleinen Auflagen und exklusiv verpackt: Salz & Liköre, Chutneys & Marmelade, Öle & Gewürze. Die perfekten Geschenke für Personen, denen Nachhaltigkeit und Respekt gegenüber der Natur wichtig sind. Wissen und Können wird auch z.B.: in Käsemacher-Workshops weiter gegeben.