Vienna has many  brains and even more good ideas. Furthermore, Vienna is a world champion: The most livable city in the world scores with above-average social standards. Both are great treasures that we aim to bring together, promote and develop. Social City Vienna identifies and supports developing areas of the city in the sectors Youth, Qualification/ Education/ Employment and Social Affairs/ Elderly People/ Care. As a platform for social innovations, Social City Vienna, creates links between the public, the private and the social innovation sector and lay the foundation for pioneering cooperations.

Impact Hub Vienna is proud to be a founding partner of Social City Wien

The Launch of Social City Wien

On June 10th, the Social City Wien has been launched, a platform initiated by the city of Vienna under the patronage of mayor Häupl, in cooperation with the Erste Bank and the Vienna Insurance Group.

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AMS Wien & Impact Hub Vienna collaborate

Social business has a future – one out of many reasons to promote the start-up of new businesses in this area. The Austrian Labour Market Service (“AMS”) business start-up program (“UGP”) is the ideal basis for this initiative as it supports job-seeking people in opening up their own business.

In cooperation with the AMS Vienna and ÖSB Consulting, the developer of the AMS business start-up program, Impact Hub is offering special workshops on the topic of “Social Entrepreneurship” to participants of the business start-up program.

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