Incubation stipends for social entrepreneurs in Vienna

Impact Hub Vienna, social impact and SAP Österreich GmbH, support start-ups that adopt innovative and scalable methods in order to tackle social problems. Social Impact Start (SIS) works with social start-ups from idea to market through a 4-8 months incubation stipend.

Designed for:

  • People with an early-stage social business idea that has not been incorporated yet
  • Creative, entrepreneurial talents
  • Entrepreneurs who commit to pursue their start-up as their main occupation
  • Individuals or teams who commit to spend at least 50% of their time in Impact Hub Vienna's incubator
  • Non-profit or for-profit ventures
2 subsequent phases of each 4 months of support to build your business model.
  • Winning at the Pitching & Voting Event grants you 4 months of support. During the 4 months you can work to improve your business model.
  • At the end of the 4 months you will then present your progress in front of a jury of specialists. If you pass, you win another 4 months of support and become part of a big pool of social impact start alumni in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How the Program Works


Up to 8 months membership at Impact Hub Vienna including work space, meeting rooms and access to the Impact Hub's support offering.


  • 20 hours of expert advice, 
  • 20 hours of business coaching,
  • mentoring from a SAP employee,
  • workshops and peer-learning.


Networking support and access to a 11000+ members network of the Impact Hub and the network of social impact.

Expert Advice

The pool of experts available for SIS ventures covers a variety of topics: marketing, financial planning, legal, strategy, team, stakeholder engagement, impact measurement, etc.

The experts are practitioners in the respective fields and share their knowledge and experience. Experts like: Klaus Weissmann, Christoph Seda, Lukas Brunbauer, Elisabeth Samhaber, Georg Schön, Günther Baumgartner, Michael Gassner, Reinhard Herok and many more support the development of the ventures. 

Who is behind the program?


Hosted by

We at the Impact Hub Vienna believe there is no shortage of good ideas to solve the issues of our time. But there is an acute lack of collaboration and support structures to help make them happen. The Impact Hub was founded to address this need. We are a social enterprise supporting the implementation of innovative ideas, be it by entrepreneurs, corporates or the public sector.


Concept by

social impact is an agency for social innovation since 1994. The agency develops projects in the fields of social and youth entrepreneurship, regional development and networking. By implementing this project social impact uses its competencies and networks to actively and specifically promote the development and diffusion of social innovation. The founder of social impact, Norbert Kunz, has won numerous awards for the organization's work, including becoming an Ashoka Fellow.


Enabled by

As market leader in the field of business software SAP AG supports companies of each size and industry run better. SAP applications and services enables more than 232.000 customers to operate their business profitably, adapt continuously and grow sustainably. The social commitment of SAP is focused on the fields of education and entrepreneurship. Important initiatives made possible by SAP are for example FIRST LEGO league (FLL) and social impact start.

Social Impact Start Winners

November 2015

Erntehilfe wants to connect good temporary workers from different countries with fair farmers! This happens digitally and on-line, which means a farmer can find suitable workers and communicate with them already before the season starts. Both present their selves with profiles, therefore we achieve transparency. An evaluation after working together ensures a good corporation and fair working conditions!

The coffee house s'Gschropp will be opened by three midwives and aims to create a space for (expecting) parents to meet and exchange ideas with each other while getting professional support from midwives on parenthood. It is a place for mothers and young parents, babies and their friends. s'Gschopp provides its guests with healthy food and delicious drinks and, supports them in various ways and offers consultancy too.

With our project Perspektive Landwirtschaft, we aim to connect old farmers who don’t have a successor with young people who want to enter the farming sector and are looking for a farm. In addition to providing an on-line platform where they can find a match, we offer both sides support and connect them with specialized advisors.

Shades Tours organizes educational tours for the local community that explain the multiple shades of homelessness and present the different institutions that form Vienna’s social net. Our guides themselves have been exposed to homelessness and are thus “experts” on the matter.

As a start-up we have limited financial resources and know-how. Social Impact Start provides perfect support and training — in the format of workspace and relevant venture expertise among others — for an enterprise like ours.

Perrine Schober, Shades Tours


March 2015

Better personal networks mean more success in business, better quality of work and higher personal well-being. Measury is a web-based application that allows users to visualize and analyze their networks. It also shows if particular network structures support their individual goals. Measury enables entrepreneurs to improve their networks and their chances for sustainable success of their business.

Unter einem Dach will offer living arrangements for refugees, a Coworking Space for entrepreneurs and a coffee house open to the public. Bringing these components together will create a diverse social network to connect to for refugees and people from Vienna alike. This trust building environment will help empowering each other in order to set free creativity and activity.

Vienna Skill Smiths helps to connect members of the local community through affordable, accessible and fun classes.

“Our short sessions can cover any topic; the content is dreamed up by our community. Similarly, everybody who feels experienced enough can offer a class. The Skill Smiths open up learning to those who are passionate and this way foster an active, self-driven learning community.”

Second Chance aims to reduce re-offending by improving access to education, training and employment for prisoners.

SIS is a great opportunity for us to really take a step forward with Unter einem Dach. We can't wait to connect with the mentors and experts who now support us on such a professional level.

Fiona Brady, founder of Unter einem dach


November 2014

bgood is a web community that that inspires its users to take on different challenges that have one thing in common: the benefit for society and the environment. bgood allows its users to find information on what they can do and measures their individual impact. For each completed challenge our users collect points that can be exchanged with companies for goodies.

Blind people face significant challenges in accessing the physical and social world. However there is a way to include people with sight loss in the digital life experience we have today. BLITAB is the World’s first Tablet for blind and visually impaired people. It is a next generation Braille device for reading and writing in one innovative unit.

Collective Energy is a start-up that consults collaborations to realise solar-plants by involving their customers. By collective action we offer an alternative form of financing renewable energies and give people the possibility to participate at the actual energy transition and support sustainable enterprises. One special thing is that the investors get goods-vouchers instead of money as return.

With exclusive but affordable 1:1 coachings qualitätszeit is directed to all those who wish to use digital devices and the Internet, but have little or no support. Moreover, young people currently seeking for work are trained as a Digital Coach and can gain initial work experience.

By joining the SIS Program we have the possibility to build up our start-up in a very professional and sustainable way. The combination and knowledge of the experts at the Impact Hub Vienna and at SAP is just stunning.

Christoph Zinganell,
founder of Collective Energy


March 2014

talentify brings together teenagers providing unique education and career programs to maximize their opportunities in life and make them a role model for younger peers from less privileged and undereducated communities by encouraging students to help each other giving peer-to-peer tutoring.

Topfreisen works with refugees who prepare international (based on their derivation) food that people from the surrounding area buy for lunch. They get the chance for a meaningful duty, benefitting from the earning and get in contact with local people. Consumers have the possibility of getting fresh self-cooked meals from local ingredients.

Good food & Doing something Good!

Younited Cultures is a social company that aims to promote the image of immigrants through innovative storytelling products. Younited Cultures sells locally produced scarves to communicate collaboration and integration, beyond the limit of nationality. They want to address negative perceptions of immigrants in an elegant and innovative way. Younited Cultures tells stories one scarf at a time. 

What the RUFF? 
RUFFBOARDS produces uniquely designed, high-end longboards by upcycling used snowboards. And they do this together with ex-prisoners.

SIS believes in what we do and winning this stipend was a strong confirmation that we were going the right way. Now SIS is helping us make it sustainable as well. They are not only experts, but also friends!

Andra Slaats,
co-founder of Younited Cultures

November 2013

aWATTar is the first energy supplier that brings your energy in sync with nature. The tariff varies on an hourly basis. The more solar and wind energy in the grid, the cheaper.

aWATTar will also help customers shift some of your consumption into the greenest hours. And that's how customers help integrate renewable sources into the power grid, and save money at the same time.

FragNebenan is an online network for urban neighbourhoods. It’s the place for neighbours to share knowledge and resources, organize mutual aid – or just chat about local issues.

Within their house and quarter FragNebenan also empowers neighbours to interact with property managers, community initiatives and local authorities.

Firefly Club trains people with learning disabilities to become DJs and organizes accessible events at venues for an inclusive audience.

Workshop participants are given the opportunity to get DJ bookings at mainstream events and at organization’s own events. Firefly Club tackles social exclusion and prejudges against people with disabilities.

At TiRoLab, girls, boys, young women and men are introduced to the fascination of robots and, consequently, informatics and mechatronics as a means of building their self-confidence with regard to technical skills.

TiRoLab runs a “hands-on technology workshops for participants from kindergarten to all levels of formal education and beyond.

“For me SIS was the first time I spoke about FragNebenan in front of a public audience. Now SIS helps us make sure that it will not have been the last time.”

Stefan Theissbcher,
co-founder of FragNebenan

 June 2013

Zero Waste Jam is delicious jam made from surplus fruit sources. Zero Waste Jam gets fruits through donations, from abandoned and surplus sources, as well as from gardens and forests. All under the motto: Use what you have! Zero Waste Jam is fighting food waste and food illiteracy.

TechnikBasteln is an initiative to support children in gaining a basic understanding of information and communication technologies and to foster a fascination with this topic. The core of our efforts is a series of workshops which TechnikBasteln offers for primary schools and at other relevant venues and events.

UbiGo helps rural communities in providing highly flexibile public transportation for their citizens. The efficiency of demand responsive systems that operate without fixed stops and schedules is increased through software support and their environmental and social impact is maximized.


“In the last 8 months, my venture grew from a very good idea to a popular, high quality product sold in stores.”

Evelina Lundqvist,
co-founder of Zero Waste Jam