Solidarity Fund

Social Innovators endangered to go extinct. Your help is needed!

Social Innovators solve social or ecological problems using an innovative, entrepreneurial approach while making their businesses work. They, for example, build solutions for online learning and communication; create new supply concepts for food, energy, mobility; include marginalized groups; recycle and upcycle; build new ways of how we work and do business, and create employment opportunities.

They are building a better future every single day. But now their future is in danger.

Because of the past lockdowns many of these businesses have been reduced to zero income and, as young organisations, they do not have the financial reserves to fall back on. Even though it looks like things are going to slowly recover, now is the time to step up and rebuild the society that we want to see.

Are you ready for a better future? Donate now and support social and environmental innovations.

Solidarity Fund Milestones

The Solidarity Fund is possible because of the courageous acts of togetherness and kindness in this difficult time. For this very reason, we want to celebrate each significant milestone with the YOU - our beautiful community. Help us reach each mark and join us for the celebrations!

Celebrating successes tastes even better when there’s coffee and cake! 🍰 When we reach 10k of donations in our Solidarity Fund initiative, Impact Hub Vienna will organise a free coffee and cake day😋

* Due to COVID-19 safety measures, the event will be open to donors, Members and community partners. If you are not a current Member of IHV, we will ask you to fill a registration form prior to the event to prepare for your visit.

Meet Some of Our Social Innovators

Entrepreneurs like the ones below and in the video create social inclusion, reduce unemployment, provide access to education and solve ecological problems. We need their solutions, ideas and businesses to make this happen. That is why we initiated the Solidarity Fund where you can donate and support those that need it the most.

We won’t promise billions, we don’t expect millions – but, as a community, this is the time to look out for one another and help those who now need support the most. Every cent counts.

Just visit:

Impact Stories

Impact Hub Vienna is celebrating it's 10th dear birthday and, as a community, we are celebrating it with the stories
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10 Stories of Impact for 10th Birthday of Impact Hub Vienna: Impact is...Breaking Taboos
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10 Stories of Impact for 10th Birthday of Impact Hub Vienna: Impact is … Support Network
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10 years of Impact Hub Vienna - Social Impact Award
10 years of Impact Hub Vienna - Social Impact Award
Impact Hub Vienna is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. It’s a major milestone for our community and we cannot

How the Solidarity Fund works

We keep it as simple and unbureaucratic as possible:

  1. This Solidarity Fund is our COVID-19 community support response, established by Impact Hub Vienna, run with the support of impactory, and operated by our – new – charitable Impact Hub Vienna Association.
  2. Solidarity Fund is facilitating donations. Everything that’s put into it, goes to the Members, who have requested help.
  3. Solidarity Fund is an ongoing fund. The set measures and their aftermath will affect us for an unknown period, so as long as there is momentum (and donation), the Solidarity Fund will be live and operational.
  4. For every member who needs it. Anyone, who is a member of Impact Hub Vienna and requests help, will receive it. There will be no questioning nor challenge from our side.
  5. With monthly payout. We don’t know how much it will be, but every month, starting May, we will look at the amount received, take 60% of it, divide it by the number of requests, pay it out in equal shares, and take the other 40% forward as a first building block for the next month.
  6. Operated in full trust. Yes, every request by a member will be accepted. Yes, everyone will receive exactly the same amount. And no, there will not be any selection nor assessment. We trust this community to assess how much everyone needs and / or can give.


You can register your request for help by using the form below. Can’t see the form? Access it directly here.