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Founder Spotlight: Philipp Etzlinger from

What’s the future of language learning? Virtual reality, online classrooms, gamification, AI? While all of these exciting technological developments are happening, one cannot deny the effectiveness of watching TV with subtitles as one of the tools to learn a language.… More

Let’s Talk Food Waste in Austria

Austrians throw away one-fifth of all food they buy (Source), of which 14.5% is avoidable or partly avoidable and amounts to 1 billion Euro per year (Source). Austrian consumers are responsible for almost half of the total waste, while agricultural… More

Founder Spotlight Amarilla Nirmala from KulturenReich

Starting in a new city can be hard when you don’t have a network of connections. Not to mention starting a new business! The founders of KulturenReich know exactly how it feels. KulturenReich is a social enterprise built by foreign-born… More

How the Social Challenges Innovation Platform Matches Social Challenges with Innovative Solution Providers

How do small and medium-sized enterprises and social innovation fit together?  Often referred to as the backbone of the European economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a focal point in shaping enterprise policy in the European Union. In 2015,… More

Open Piano for Refugees Selected as the Winner of the found! 2019 Accelerator Program

Originally posted in German by Deloitte Austria here The found! Program promotes start-ups that focus on creating prospects for refugees. Six young social entrepreneurs had been working on optimizing their business plans for the past six months. Now, Deloitte Austria… More

Storytelling for social entrepreneurs

Recently, Davorin Barudzija, an integrative trainer, coach, and recruitment manager at Teach for Austria hosted an eye-opening skillshare breakfast about storytelling at the Hub. He drew upon his years of experience in adult vocational training to activate the innate storytelling… More

Four Tips for Hosting Sustainable Events

If you’ve ever participated in a conference for work, you’ve probably noticed trash cans filled to the brim with catering containers, leftover food, and tons of trash. At Impact Hub Vienna, we host events on an almost daily basis, and… More

Challenge yourself & grow: The experience of a European volunteer

For you personally, what does the Erasmus+ volunteering service stand for and why did you decide to do this type of volunteering? Alexandra Pediakova: For me, European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an opportunity to live in a different country, to… More

RE:WIEN 2019 Launches for the 5th Time – Meet the Cohort!

Amongst many other accelerator programs run by Impact Hub Vienna, RE:WIEN is the only incubation program focused exclusively on making Vienna a more sustainable place to live. RE:WIEN supports start-ups and ventures which are based in Vienna and have developed… More