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Work-life balance: How to get through the day so you’ll show up tomorrow

Additional insights provided by Christine Jama, Program Coordinator at Impact Hub Vienna. It is the holy grail: work-life balance. Decades ago, futurists predicted how technology would liberate us from the drudgery of work. In 1930, John Maynard Keynes believed we… More

Founder Spotlight: Karina Lackner, Kicken Ohne Grenzen

Today we have the pleasure to feature another participant of the found! 2019 accelerator program. The project «Job Goals» provides vocational training and coaching to young people, whose families were forced to emigrate to Austria. This initiative is created by… More

Understanding Circular Economy

As the public calls for sweeping reform in how we as society produce and consumer goods, one clear answer emerges-building a circular economy. The circular economy is the conscious design and use of resources which allows for maximum sustainability, the… More

Founder Spotlight: Annamaria Tolvaly, Bags with Legs

Annamaria Tolvaly came to Vienna from Romania, so her own life experience has taught her what it is to start life over in a new place. About a year ago, she opened an atelier and a shop Bags with Legs… More

Blind Spots In Education: Where Startups Step Up

Education, startups, and innovation During our Feb 2019 WineDown, we’re brought together key stakeholders in education to discuss how startups contribute to filling in the blind spots, what role they should play, and the complexities that exist. This event happened… More

Five Inspiring TED Talks by Female Entrepreneurs for International Women’s Day

Here’s to the women that inspire us. March 8th is International Women’s Day, and across the globe we are celebrating the powerful women who are shaking the foundations of once patriarchal systems and societies to build a more gender-balanced world.… More

Get to Know the Impact Hub Vienna Community

Meet the Impact Hub Vienna Community If you’re unfamiliar with Impact Hub Vienna or social entrepreneurship, walking through the front doors of our creative, collaborative co-working space can leave you wondering what our community is all about. Is it a… More

Meet the Finalists of the Greiner Family Impact Initiative

What Is The Greiner Family Impact Initiative? In 2018, the Greiner family decided to dedicate funds to giving back to society. To do this, they set up an accelerator program for impact entrepreneurs, and are now building a selective network… More

How Our Emotions Fuel Business Success

The problems teams face are more complex and interconnected than ever. In order to successfully grow a business, we need to move faster and with much greater effectiveness. We need access to data that allows our teams to learn, move… More