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Creating Collaborative Spaces: An interview with Daniel Utrilla Mellinas

Collaborative spaces are one of the most important aspects of modern work and they don’t just come out of nowhere. A lot of thought, planning, and design work goes into the desk you don’t even think twice to sit down… More

Getting Your Head in the Game After Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, or so the crooner’s carol would have us believe.  Getting your head in the game after the festive season can be difficult with office Christmas parties, punsch at markets, and the… More

Deep impact: A guide to impact measurement

Impact measurement remains a big challenge for social businesses across the world because it’s just not as straightforward as dollars and cents. To truly capture impact, a social venture might need a larger allocation of time and resources. It’s important… More

Impact Hub Vienna’s Guide to Responsible Holiday Shopping

It’s the holiday season and with that comes the inevitable yearly struggle of shopping for your friends and loved ones. How do you get them something thoughtful without contributing to immense resource waste? Here are a few Impact Hub member… More

How to fundraise WisR

Raising money is a must for any new company looking to spread its wings and it’s one of the bigger challenges a startup will face. You need to prepare the right documentation, meet investor after investor, and that’s if you’re… More

Smart Cities: Best practices from around the globe

A smart city is a city which uses data and technology to more efficiently manage assets and resources. This can be a city’s water supply, electrical grid, waste management system or all of the above. Economists estimate that smart cities… More

CEE Impact Day 2018

On October 4-5, our ecosystem came together to celebrate the largest CEE Impact Day event to date. Now that we’ve had some time to reflect, we want to share with you some of the champagne cork moments, metrics, connections, and… More

Living off grid using clean energy

We’ve all dreamed of being free from the rules and requirements of modern day infrastructure. What if you don’t want to be connected to the public power grid? In many places, you are legally required to be connected to the… More

How to Engage In Climate Action in Central & Eastern Europe this Fall

If you’ve been paying attention to the vital signs of the planet–raging fires across Europe, unpredictable weather patterns, and intense hurricanes–it’s apparent that we need to take immediate and drastic action to mitigate climate change. Partnerships for Change – Impact… More