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Living off grid using clean energy

We’ve all dreamed of being free from the rules and requirements of modern day infrastructure. What if you don’t want to be connected to the public power grid? In many places, you are legally required to be connected to the… More

How to Engage In Climate Action in Central & Eastern Europe this Fall

If you’ve been paying attention to the vital signs of the planet–raging fires across Europe, unpredictable weather patterns, and intense hurricanes–it’s apparent that we need to take immediate and drastic action to mitigate climate change. Partnerships for Change – Impact… More

Sustainable Spotlight: An Interview with Alpengummi

We connected with the producers of Alpengummi, Sandra and Claudia, to chat about their new sustainable chewing gum venture.  It was a great conversation concerning the sustainability of ingredients and traditional industries.   Check out their thoughts on the viability of… More

The Basics of Sustainable Production

It is fundamentally distressing to think we cannot stop being consumers.  We need to eat, to use energy to heat our homes, and even passively use wires to communicate with friends around the globe.  We produce everything in some way,… More

How to get back into the swing of things

Summer is coming to a close sooner than many of us hoped, but that doesn’t mean September has to be depressing. It can be tricky to snap out of the delightful vacation mode and get back into work mode, but… More

5 great podcasts about migration and social inclusion

Migration and social inclusion is a provocative topic. Many politicians use this issue for their own political purposes and are likely not as knowledgeable about the subject as they might claim to be. So don’t be swayed by popular opinion… More

Top 5 Places for Forest Bathing in Vienna

During times like these when the Viennese heat seems unrelenting and inescapable, you might be daydreaming about dropping yourself into a tub of ice. But have you ever considered taking a different kind of bath? That’s right, you guessed it:… More

5 movies about climate change for when it’s too hot outside

Climate change is happening. I know that might be a controversial statement for some but let’s face it, winter starts and ends later than ever and I’m dripping sweat as a write this from my cave. These movies aren’t 100%… More

5 Health-Focused Documentaries Worth Your Time

Health is a topic relevant to every one of us, whether you’re healthy or struggling with some kind of injury or ailment. We’re all busy, so how do you get the information you need without wasting your time? There are… More