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Interview with Jasmin Bauer of Kattunfabrik

We have been focusing on refugees and migrants this month on the blog.  We have a number of ventures who work with refugees. A number of them are part of our accelerator program, found!. The program is a joint initiative… More

The Importance of Words: Refugee, Asylum Seeker, or Migrant?

There has been lots of discussion about refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants over the past few years, and the terms are often used interchangeably and incorrectly–even by publications like the BBC. In reality, these terms have significant political implications for… More

Social Innovation Generation

Tim Draimin, the executive director of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) in Canada paid a visit to Impact Hub Vienna.… More

Upheaval: Reading about Refugees

Reading is important.  Not only does a reader find friends within the pages of a book, new and old, he or she gains a wealth of new information.  Reading also deepens our understanding of ourselves and each other. We gain… More

Integration: How these ventures are changing the world

Integration is one of the biggest challenges our world faces today. We all have different languages, different cultures, and different ideas. But at the end of the day, despite all our so-called differences, we’re all just people looking to do… More

European Voluntary Service: Martin Pavelka

Let’s start with the basics, what is European Voluntary Service Program (EVS) and how did you decide to embark on this experience? European Voluntary Service is a program which enables young Europeans aged 18 to 30 years to live up… More

An Interview with Katha Schinkinger about Habibi & Hawara

  This week I sat down with Katha Schinkinger, director and shareholder of Habibi & Hawara. Habibi & Hawara is a restaurant and catering business in the heart of Vienna that serves Austrian Oriental cuisine. Their mission is to hire… More

5 Must-See Migration Documentaries for the Social Entrepreneur

Migration and social inclusion are on-going themes that continues to dominate the social and political sphere. While everyone has an opinion on this subject, it’s important to try and see different points of view. The topic is heavy but it’s… More

Spotlight: An interview with Bubbles & Kraut

Longtime Impact Hub members Myounghee Jo and Alexander Bachinger have just launched Bubbles & Kraut, a social venture addressing the food waste problem through fermentation. They offer workshops and sell their very own fermented products such as kimchi and kombucha… More