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Communication Skills for Startups

Communication Skills for Startups Startups have a lot on their plate. Startup to-do lists are burdened with business plans, accounting, paperwork, marketing, tech issues, financial issues, and more, often on a limited budget and with limited staff. It’s hard to… More

Spotlight: An Interview with Sara Biazar, Head of Client Relations at the World Data Lab

The World Data Lab (WDL) is a predictive and analytical NGO that uses public sector data to forecast life expectancy and income for every country in the world. Their goal is to make this data accessible and personal and make… More

5 Tech For Good Movies for Entrepreneurs

Technology got us to where we are today and movies are a technology that not only pushes against the limits of technology itself, but continues to inform us about the technology we dream of and the techonology we fear. Since… More

Tech For Good: The ventures blazing the trail forward

There are those who use technology for gain but there are also those who use technology for good. This month, we’re celebrating those who lean towards the latter. We want to shine a light on the people you walk past… More

Tech For Good – Analog Edition: Best Books for Tech Entrepreneurs

Part of making a better future for everyone, a more inclusive future, is harnessing the powers of technology for good.  However, before you can deliver ground breaking technologies which provide tracking on world poverty eradication, design new braille technologies and… More

Tech For Good: The Basics

In the nineties, the pervasive attitude towards playing videogames was like the way in which people viewed television.  They would rot children’s brains.  They would make children act out violent fantasies.  My sister’s orthopedic surgeon suggested to my parents playing… More

The Fierce Female Founders of Impact Hub Vienna

In March, we focused on Social Development Goal #5, Gender Equality, and discussed how female entrepreneurs are making significant strides toward balancing out the number of businesses founded by women versus men in Austria and across the globe. While there… More

Spotlight: An interview with Alexey Chernikov about Reji, a language learning app.

Reji is a subscription based iPhone/iPad app that helps you learn new vocabulary with correct pronunciation using customizable flashcards. It is the third app from Twopeople Software, a nascent startup specializing in language learning. Alexey sat down with us to… More

Women at Work: Five Books for Leading Ladies

At Impact Hub Vienna we are celebrating the women leaders and founders in our community this month. We wanted to feature some inspiring books written by women to keep inspiring all the female founders and everyone else in our community. … More