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Summer Reads: Learning on the Beach

  It is a beautiful sunny day outside (except for the day I spent writing this post).  The temperature inside and outside is more like a Finnish sauna than most people think is reasonable (again, except for the day I… More

Storytelling for Business

Your company might have something important to tell its audience, but if you don’t tell it in the right way, then it’s not going to be heard. That’s where storytelling comes in. You already know your product or service is… More

Get Your Sparkle Party Pants On …

Impact Hub Vienna is turning 8!  We have curated some amazing cake recipes for you.  However, as we were searching the internet and cookbooks to find the best recipes, we realized we didn’t know the origins of Birthday Cake. The… More

Taking a Sustainable Holiday

“A sustainable approach to tourism means that neither the environment nor the host communities will be impaired by the arrival of tourists. On the contrary, they should benefit from tourism, both economically and culturally.” UNESCO and World Tourism Organisation (2000)… More

Radical Candor: What is it and how does it work?

Do you ever want to be honest, but are worried about being too honest? Radical Candor™ allows you to establish a management framework where you can challenge your co-workers directly while caring for them personally. Being professional often means biting… More

Illustration is a One Man Show

Coming across the beautiful, carefully crafted drawings beside text always made me wonder, how do they come to be? What does it take to translate text into an illustration?… More

The New Generation of Collaborative Leaders

IMPACT HUB LEADERSHIP INTERVIEW with Lena Gansterer, Barbara Inmann and Florian Bauer… More

Interview with Jasmin Bauer of Kattunfabrik

We have been focusing on refugees and migrants this month on the blog.  We have a number of ventures who work with refugees. A number of them are part of our accelerator program, found!. The program is a joint initiative… More

The Importance of Words: Refugee, Asylum Seeker, or Migrant?

There has been lots of discussion about refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants over the past few years, and the terms are often used interchangeably and incorrectly–even by publications like the BBC. In reality, these terms have significant political implications for… More