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Sustainability is Here to Stay – A Viennese Perspective

Time and again, Vienna ranks as the city with the highest standard of living. Yet, how does it hold up when it comes to sustainability? According to the World Economic Forum, we might not be the alpha of the pack,… More

Spotlight: A Conversation with Mario Milaković of Yugodom

Yugodom is a stay-over museum that’s redefining the hospitality experience. Located in the heart of downtown Belgrade in the Dorćol neighbourhood, Yugodom gives visitors and locals the opportunity to travel back to the times and country that no longer exist:… More

Spotlight: A Conversation with Karin Lachmann of

Online conversations are not one-to-one. Communication strategies are constantly in a state of flux and many companies are finding it difficult to break through the information noise in the digital age. The helps clients navigate this change by telling… More

8 Things to Keep in Mind to Manage a Successful Event

Managing an event is not a walk in the park. It can seem overwhelming given all the elements and resources that need to be organised. But organising a successful event? That’s a completely new level! Don’t worry, we are here… More

Spotlight: HubCouture

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) called for a Social Entrepreneurship Challenge in December of 2015. The idea behind the challenge was to encourage the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in other countries through new ventures. 1 million euros in… More

How a Start-Up in Vienna Creates Win-Win Situations for Wine-Lovers, Small Businesses & Mother Earth

What if I told you that you could help reduce fossil fuels by drinking locally harvested wine? That’s right – you heard me. No giving up your beloved steaks. No skimping on heat in the frosty winter (well, you know,… More

Spotlight: Talking sustainable fashion with Fitico Sportswear

While fair fashion is increasingly in demand and the awareness of responsible wardrobe becomes more evident in today’s customers shopping patterns, new sustainable brands come across variety of challenges in a bid to establish themselves. Sophie Thalhammer, the founder of… More

A Short Guide to Event Spaces in Vienna

Planning a great event is tough and finding a venue that has the vibe, amenities, and a great location and getting the most out of your money is never an easy feat. The space you choose can have a huge… More

Party Like it’s Impact Hub Vienna’s 7th Birthday – A Recap

On the April the 6th Impact Hub Vienna’s warm interior was filled with go-getters, changemakers, music, laughter and cake. Over two months later after Impact Hub Vienna’s birthday party celebrating the 7 years of its impactful existence, we invite you… More