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5 impactful TV shows for the entrepreneur

This is the golden age of TV. We’re not just watching, we’re binge-watching. That’s how good TV is nowadays. It’s so good, you’re probably watching a TV show right now as you’re reading this. Hopefully, they’ll be one of the… More

Spotlight: WGE!-Gemeinsam Wohnen

WGE!-Gemeinsam Wohnen is establishing a model of shared multigenerational living in Vienna. They arrange and supervise shared living between elderly and young people enhancing mutual activities and support while keeping the rent lower than the market average. Their services include… More

Impactful Summer Holidays

Spring will shortly give way to summer, which means that I start thinking about planning my summer holidays.  My options are apparently endless.  There are the sun-drenched beaches throughout the Mediterranean, taking in the lengthy days in Scandinavia, or hiking… More

Sharing Economy: The Impact Hub members leading the charge

You’ve probably heard about the more popular examples of the sharing economy such as Uber and Airbnb. You’ve probably used those services just like I have. But what is the sharing economy? The definition of it is fairly broad but… More

The dark side of entrepreneurship: Mark & Tara

From: Pete Erickson Subject: Fw: Re: f2f secret messaging Date: 22 May 2017 at 10:21:56 GMT+1 To: Anca Paulovich Dear Mrs. Paulovich, today is my first day at the office and I got a new notebook. However it looks like… More

How to break the ice at a party

Sure, the chance to connect, collaborate and be part of a community of super interesting like-minded people, and get to learn from and be inspired by them is what drives you to come to work at Impact Hub Vienna. As… More

The best seven moments of Impact Hub Vienna

It had to happen. The 7th birthday of our Hub is tomorrow so a look back at the timeline of Impact Hub Vienna moments was inevitable. We sifted through the memorable events, turning points in the history of our Impact… More

Seven reasons to celebrate

Impact Hub Vienna is soon turning 7! With the anniversary just around the corner, here are seven good reasons to celebrate with us. 1. Members The Hub wouldn’t exist without me, you and your fellow members. Therefore, let’s celebrate each… More

Let them Eat Cake – Birthday Cake

Get your party pants on because we are serving up birthday cake. In honour of Impact Hub Vienna’s seventh birthday we made a delicious baked confection to share with you all, in the form of a recipe, because we ate… More