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New Year, New You! Making Healthy Habits

Do you find yourself in that same new year’s resolution cycle every year? Things feel fresh, you’ve made your resolutions, and you’re excited for the new year! But, a few weeks or a few months later, you still haven’t filled… More

How to unplug during the holidays

It’s almost the holidays and time for all of us to slow down, spend time with friends and family, and relax. Take this time of year to unplug yourself from your busy day to day and recharge. As connected as… More

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: An evening with Steve Blank

Photo Credit: Pioneers Steve Blank is one of the key figures behind the Lean Startup movement. He is an icon and pioneer of Silicon Valley, a serial entrepreneur, a bestselling author, a professor, and a prolific thought leader with a… More

How to validate a business idea

You’ve got a new business idea, and you think it’s got great potential. Awesome!  But how do you know anyone will spend their hard-earned cash on your product?  Validating your business idea early and often is key to launching a… More

Accounting essentials for entrepreneurs

It may not be the buzziest or the sexiest thing about running a business, but when you’re starting out, it all boils down to euros and cents. Accounting requires an attention to detail that either bores people to tears or… More

6 steps to improve your company’s customer service

Finding viable clients is one of the most important issues of a new company. But in the pursuit of building a customer base, we shouldn’t forget the importance of customer satisfaction. Getting people to buy is critical. But getting people… More

Eight Must Read Books to Improve Your Social Media

Feeling confused about social media and what you need to do to get noticed? Your start-up is just launching on social media channels and you don’t know where to start? Want to improve your social media strategy in general? We… More

8 Things to Keep in Mind to Manage a Successful Event

Managing an event is not a walk in the park. It can seem overwhelming given all the elements and resources that need to be organised. But organising a successful event? That’s a completely new level! Don’t worry, we are here… More

Fairphone: A socially responsible smartphone

You buy a new one every couple of years. It’s by your side all the time. Your life, social and professional, is in this device. A day without it makes you feel disoriented and lost. It’s that important. But have… More