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Design Thinking with IBM

An overall customer driven strategy, customer intimacy and loyalty can make or break a startup in today’s world. 42% of start ups fail because they are not solving a market problem¹. Do you need more reasons to focus on the… More


A good story has the power to change the world. Each day, thousands of change makers and creative heads all around the word create powerful stories and projects with the aim to create change, and to make the world a… More

qualitätszeit gegen die digitale Kluft

“61 Prozent der Österreicher zwischen 65 und 75 Jahren waren noch nie im Internet” Die Großeltern tun es. Die Eltern vielleicht sogar öfters. Zarte Annäherungen an das Mysterium Internet. Wenn Emails sich nicht öffnen lassen oder Googles erste 10 Treffer… More

Closing the gap between old and young in the digital world

„61% of the seniors in Austria between 65 and 75 years never had been online“. Grandparents do it. Parents do it more often. A smooth approach into the internet-mystery. In small steps old people are trying to enter the world… More