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Eight Must Read Books to Improve Your Social Media

Feeling confused about social media and what you need to do to get noticed? Your start-up is just launching on social media channels and you don’t know where to start? Want to improve your social media strategy in general? We… More

How To Use Instagram To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

There is no other social media platform that grew so rapidly in such a short period of time bringing together over 600 million users. Yet not every startup or entrepreneur uses this platform for marketing purposes to its full potential.… More

Content plan: What and more importantly, when to post on your social media channels

We all know Food-Bloggers. Let’s picture one of them. Her name is Susi. She lives in Vienna and started a food blog a few weeks ago. In order to get some followers and build a community around her blog she… More

We are looking for Social Media Ninjas! Instagramers! Bloggers! Community Journalists!

You are looking for work experience in an international organization but don’t have enough time to do a full time internship? You are experienced in blogging and social media and want to test new ways of communicating with an already… More