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Invited by the question “How do we provide the best educational experience?”, Impact Hub Vienna opens the doors to a new form of learning and teaching, called a Learning Casino.

In several rounds, you are invited to join one of the tables where you learn and share approaches, methods, tools, skills, and techniques around education.

The casino tables will feature the following topics:
    1. Exclusive gaming experience of the financial literacy game “Cure Runners” by Three Coins
    2. Self-organized learning by Iunia Martin
    3. Engaging your Visual Mind by Mischa Altmann and Melinda Varfi
    4. Hands On/Hands Off Learning by Christoph Derndorfer
    5. Mental Agility Game by Maite Sorolla
After few rounds of “gambling”, you will be invited to meet the founders of unique educational projects, featuring:
1. Findia
5. WiRoLab
6. Die Schleifmühle
Have you ever been to a casino? We promise you one thing: you will leave this one enriched!


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[For guests who are not members of Impact Hub Vienna: Small contributions will be collected at the event]


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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Vienna


Date & Time

22 March 2014 | 11:30 to 13:30


Impact Hub Vienna


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