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[Member Slot] Dance for Health

“The soul can dance in every body!”

Dance for Health (DfH) takes us on a journey. It encourages us to express ourselves through movement, to fully perceive with all senses, to explore forgotten knowledge of ancient civilisations, to discover the power of breath, to transform and to be transformed.
After a series of outer journeys which let Impact Hub member Nadine Steurer to destinations as diverse as China, the Arab World and Latin America, her love-hate relationship with Buenos Aires eventually forced her to start listening to her inner voice and the signs of her body. The search for understanding led her to discover the area of bodywork and among others, Fabiana Pastorini’s DfH. She was captivated by her work and started supporting her in the organization of an upcoming workshop series.
Fabiana Pastorini is a professional dancer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a profound fascination for different healing techniques, including those of her native culture, the Quechua Aymara. Combining her two passions she developed the DfH method to raise people’s awareness for themselves and to encourage them to live their potential.
During this exciting member slot Fabiana will share her story, her discoveries and her program for the workshop series „Dance for Health“, which will be held in Vienna for the first time in 2015/16. We are happy to invite you for a relaxed evening of exchange and inspiration.
Feel welcome to join!

The workshops as well as the member slot will be held primarily in German. However, if you are curious about DfH and you are still struggling with the German language, don’t worry! We’ll figure something out.

Date and Time

Wed, 8 April 2015,18:3020:30 CEST


Impact Hub Vienna
Lindengasse 56/18-19
Wien, Wien 1070 Austria


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