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Sustainability is Here to Stay – A Viennese Perspective

Time and again, Vienna ranks as the city with the highest standard of living. Yet, how does it hold up when it comes to sustainability? According to the World Economic Forum, we might not be the alpha of the pack,… More

A Short Guide to Event Spaces in Vienna

Planning a great event is tough and finding a venue that has the vibe, amenities, and a great location and getting the most out of your money is never an easy feat. The space you choose can have a huge… More

Seven reasons to celebrate

Impact Hub Vienna is soon turning 7! With the anniversary just around the corner, here are seven good reasons to celebrate with us. 1. Members The Hub wouldn’t exist without me, you and your fellow members. Therefore, let’s celebrate each… More

Networking savoir-vivre: how to become a networking superstar

How many of us switch on an undistinguishable tiny panic button when hearing the word networking? It’s the idea that we have to go to this after work thing, dressed in a business or business-casual attire, sip on some kind… More

8 entrepreneurial lessons Tolkien taught us in ‘The Lord of the Rings’

On September 22 we observe Hobbit Day, the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo and an internationally proclaimed day to celebrate all things Tolkien. Who doesn’t love some good questing against the inconceivable might, the same one the Lord of the… More

Making the most of being a Hubber

Did you know that being a member of Impact Hub Vienna makes you an official citizen of the global Hubbersville? Congrats! If you thought Impact Hub is just our cosy quarters at Lindengasse, think again. Impact Hub is in fact… More

Relax! You will be productive.

We, people of the Land of Passion Driven, know that we cannot afford to slow down. Your time is now. You got to hustle and bustle, give it your 101% and look i-woke-up-like-this fabulous. You should also work less and… More

Austrian social venture bridges the multicultural gap

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world, read the words of an Austrian-British philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein. Even though what he meant was that philosophy (the world) ends when the language cannot venture further, we can’t help… More

5 ways volunteering can land you your next dream job

The chase after the job of your dream is restless and competitive. No wonder! The stakes are high but the requisites even higher. You want to daze your future employer with your employability skills, character and who-you-knows but your current… More