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Open Piano for Refugees Selected as the Winner of the found! 2019 Accelerator Program

Originally posted in German by Deloitte Austria here The found! Program promotes start-ups that focus on creating prospects for refugees. Six young social entrepreneurs had been working on optimizing their business plans for the past six months. Now, Deloitte Austria… More

Spotlight: An interview with Bubbles & Kraut

Longtime Impact Hub members Myounghee Jo and Alexander Bachinger have just launched Bubbles & Kraut, a social venture addressing the food waste problem through fermentation. They offer workshops and sell their very own fermented products such as kimchi and kombucha… More

Spotlight: An interview with Alexey Chernikov about Reji, a language learning app.

Reji is a subscription based iPhone/iPad app that helps you learn new vocabulary with correct pronunciation using customizable flashcards. It is the third app from Twopeople Software, a nascent startup specializing in language learning. Alexey sat down with us to… More

Spotlight: Don’t grow older, grow WisR!

Only seven months ago, we spoke with Klaudia Bachinger about her dreams for her fledgling startup WisR. Since then, the company has added two Co-founders (Carina Roth, Chief Financial Officer, and Martin Melcher, Chief Technical Officer) and everything is now… More

Spotlight: How to be goood! A conversation with Georg Woschnagg and Claudia Winkler

Georg Woschnagg and Claudia Winkler are Co-Founders of goood, a mobile phone service provider where 10% of your monthly fees are donated to a social cause or charity of your choice. They are off and running in Germany and in… More

Spotlight: A conversation with Dimitrios Prodromou of Humanizing Technologies

Dimitrios Prodromou is the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Humanizing Technologies, a company that advises, sells, and develops applications for social robots. Their current focus is Pepper, the most advanced humanoid robot available on the market today. The company… More

Spotlight: A conversation with Sabine Kampmüller of AFYA

Sabine Kampmüller is the founder of AFYA, an organization that works on intercultural health promotion. Their current mission is to support children and adolescents who suffer from post-traumatic stress. Prior to founding AFYA, Sabine worked for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)… More

10 Questions with Hub Member Karin Lachmann

She’s a talented artist who laughs easily with a plenty of joy and a lot of mirth and she grew up in the middle of a forest. Karin Lachmann is one of the creative leads at, a design agency… More

Spotlight: 10 Questions with Hub Member Marlene Welzl

Marlene Welzl radiates with positive energy, kindness, and a true spirit. She is a key member of WGE! Gemeinsam Wohnen, an organisation that promotes and facilitates mixed generational housing in Vienna. We chatted about what she loves about the Hub,… More